Ang True Love ni Papel #Part2

Naranasan mo na bang sumikat?


Lahat tayo gusto nun. Malamang libo-libo kung hindi milyon-milyon ang magsasabi ng oo kung tatanungin mo sila isa-isa. Gusto nating makilala, gusto nating mapansin, makilala, hangaan, at makilala. Oo alam ko, paulit-ulit! Nakakainis di ba!?


Makilala… Makilala… Makilala…


Sino ba namang may ayaw, lalo na kung ang crush mo ang makakakilala sa’yo, o yung iniidolo mong singer na weirdo at out of this world manamit, o kahit man lang ng bagong lipat na kapitbahay niyong cute, macho, at may abs. Goal lagi ng tao yan, ang makilala. As a matter of fact, yun yung pinakaunang ginagawa ng isa’t-isa sa unang pagkikita… well, except kay Papel…


Isa na marahil siya sa mga taong gifted with an irresistible charm and good looks na kahit maglakad lang siya sa corridor e kilala mo na agad siya. Maririnig mo na ang mga usap-usapan sa paligid mo ng mga taong sinasambit ang pangalan niya. She’s just too good to be true. Hindi siya snob. Mabait siya at yun yung nakadagdag points sakanya. She’s very approachable and down to earth. Walang hangin, walang keme-keme, walang nakakaturn-off. She’s the perfect example of your dream girl or your chic-next-door. Everybody wants to be her friend… well, except me…


Lagi namang except me. I wanna be exceptional. Hindi ko trip sumabay sa uso; para sa akin, mga losers lang ang nakikiuso. Walang identity at walang puwang sa mundo. I wanna be different, I wanna make a difference, at I wanna leave an impact in this world that will be felt by my generation and the generation after me at nangyari nga yun isang araw… Isang malaking impact ang nagawa ko sa lecheng glass door ng isang sikat na mall malapit sa boulevard of broken dreams!




Sa sobrang pag-iisip ko ng kung anu-ano, hindi ko napansin ang lecheng pintuang wagas sa linis! Tumingin ang lahat ng tao sa akin! Sobrang nakakahiya pero life must go on, kelangang magmove-on para magkaroon ng growth, at oo, kelangan ko sabihin ang lahat ng excuses na yun sa sarili ko para pampalubag loob…


Pagpasok na pagpasok ko sa mall kasabay ng late realization kong may pintuan rin pala siya, tinanong agad ako ng guwardiya kung okay lang ba ako. Sinagot ko namang okay lang kahit na hindi at kahit na gusto ko na siyang sapakin dahil halatang pinipigilan niya lang ang tawa niya para hindi ako mahiya. Punyeta! Sa totoo lang gusto ko na talaga umuwi nun eh, pero hindi puwede dahil may kelangan akong bilhing materials para sa project na pinapagawa ni Mrs. Kaldereta sa Biology class namin kung saan for some unknown nanadyang reason, kagroupmate ko si Papel.


Put*ng in*ng buhay ‘to oh!


to be continued…


Ikaw Na Tito Boy!




It all started with a tweet, but NO I say; it all started when one brave professional young artist dared to speak out about a very sensitive fact that could’ve probably ended some of his good relationship with friends in the industry.


I hope not.


Rhap Salazar’s tweet became very controversial mainly because of social media and how some netizens reacted to it. It clearly stated his frustration on what he is seeing happening on TV and how non-singers are being patronized simply because they ‘sell’ more than real talents. It’s an unfortunate circumstance in our country today specifically in the way we see and value entertainment. In so many ways, Rhap’s tweet was taken out of context by others who contributed to the discussion, but regardless of however it was taken; there was an ounce of truth that surfaced and was predominantly highlighted.



(We don’t know how to give ideal support and importance on real talent.)


There were a lot of tweets that followed after that. Some agreed with Rhap and some disagreed, but the more notable ones, I’m happy to share, came from his fellow artists that backed him up.




As Filipinos, whether we like to accept it or not, we are mostly drawn by beautiful things we see and our definition of beauty doesn’t go beyond the physical aspect anymore most of the time. We have grown to appreciate only physical appearances; doll faces, perfectly symmetrical features, hot juicy bodies, and even (sad to say) the obvious flaws (ugliness) a person has in his or her looks that we find entertaining. We disregard talent and when I say disregard, I mean to say that we choose not to look beyond anymore as long as we find it ‘entertaining enough’. We have learned to support novelty over quality or as Lea Salonga would economically state it: The Law of Supply and Demand





We empower companies to toy around with our taste and manipulate us by using our weaknesses against us. We are not being progressive, lest, we are held back. This manifestation does not only pertain to the way we see entertainment, but how we are in general; how we are as whole proudly shoving our nation’s pride to the world. (Though I don’t exactly know until now what we are even consistently proud of.)




“Kasi Rhap alam mo, even the best artists, even the most brilliant singers have to lip sync depending on the circumstance. It’s technical issue sometimes, mikropono ba ito, venue ba ito, sometimes it’s even a health issue. Hindi makakakanta but the artist is forced to be in a certain event. It’s not evil. It’s not bad. It’s not treachery. Hindi pandaraya ang pag lip-sync. Kailangan ito sa ilang pagkakataon.”


“Doon naman sa hate, hindi ko alam kung ito’y strong feeling of disgust, kinamumuhian ba talaga niya o ito’y pa-witty ba na hate, like I hate cola… Kung hate na totoo ito, I want to remind Rhap that if you have the freedom to hate artists who lip sync, you also have the freedom not to watch them, switch off, ‘wag mong panoorin walang pumipilit sa ’yo.


Instead of hating, instead of disliking these non-singers who make it as singers, panoorin mo sila. Discover what makes them tick. I mean, review your brand essence, your equity, ano ba ang ginagawa nilang tama na hindi mo ginagawa? Because with your enormous talent Rhap, I am sure you have a place under the sun. That’s how you make something negative positive, isang opinyon ng maliit na manager na katulad ko.”


-Tito Boy


Coming from a very respected personality from the showbiz industry; I believe Tito Boy isn’t in the right place at all to PREACH and make Rhap sound like the bad guy. As a matter of fact, everyone was expecting a different statement from him; at least in Rhap’s defense. Being an influential figure in the shaping of Philippine entertainment and being a “maliit na manager” as he calls himself, it would’ve been more comforting to hear words of encouragement from him more than his unsolicited comments directed towards the young artist’s opinion.


We understand so well that lip-synching is required from time to time depending on the circumstances, but obviously, that wasn’t Rhap’s whole point at all as supported by his succeeding tweet, “Yung iba nagkaka-album pa.”


Did Tito Boy fail to read between the lines this time? Why did he simply dwell on the lip synching issue and made a big fuzz about it? Did his intelligence fail him this time ’round? Why didn’t he see the beauty in the courageous statement set off by this young artist that could’ve been an eye opener to us all on how we see and value entertainment? Why didn’t he take the opportunity to move us all forward and take us at least a step further in honing our own talents so that we can really be proud all the way through? Why?


I have so many questions in my mind that eventually turned to hate. Yes, HATE! It’s very frustrating to hear these words come from someone who has the authority to make a big difference. I am not saying that Tito Boy’s statements are false, but it is definitely not what you would expect from an authority like him.


Yes indeed that at the end of the day what is important is talent that sells, but how can a talent even be salable if it won’t get a chance to be polished along the way because the artist lacks appearance or good looks? We are a struggling and striving nation simply because we choose what is obvious and easy to see rather than focus on growing and developing potentials and skills of our fellow kababayans. (If you’ll notice, that’s the main reason why we have a so-called “artistang nalalaos” in our country compared to the ones in Hollywood that does not tarnish over time not unless they really become problematic along the way.)


“Well, I think in the recent past kasi, if you see kung ano yung pinagdadaanan talaga ng mga singers, nakakaawa rin. Talagang marunong kumanta, pero hindi masyadong napapansin dahil nabibigyan talaga ng priority, yung visually nakikita.


“I think what Rhap was mentioning, I don’t think he was pointing to anyone in particularly but siguro, napansin lang niya na marami talagang ganun. And the comment kasi, hindi lang lumalabas online but nanggagaling din sa mga ibang… yun nga, yung mga hindi marunong kumanta na, ‘Ba’t ako ang pinili? Ba’t kami? Siguro narinig na niya a number of times.”


-Gary Valenciano




With that said, I am very disappointed with the things I saw recently online and on TV. I don’t think what transpired was a healthy discussion at all, but rather a patching up of the wound that was opened by a simple tweet coming from a true and courageous artist.


I am still keeping my hopes up however. I am not losing faith in the future of entertainment here in the Philippines. In one way or another, it’s beginning to make me smile that the series of events prove to be eye opening to everyone. There is always hope. Let’s make it a habit to be progressive in the things we say and do. After all, we are the reason why artists’ exist. We are their audience. We are their guests and the only sure way to make them better is to put a little pressure on their shoulders. Let us assure them that we are here ready to support regardless of looks because it is only in that way that we will truly have beautiful works of art sprouting from every corner of our motherland.


Mabuhay ang sining! Mabuhay ang kulturang Pilipino!





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Ang True Love Ni Papel: Selfish Shellfish


July 12, 2013 05:33PM


Dear whoever ka man na nakakabasa nito,


Napariwara ako. Nabaliw. Naloka. Nawala sa katinuan… Lahat ng yun isinisisi ko sa pag-ibig at mga pangakong hindi nakayang tuparin ng mga taong minsang nagparamdam sa akin na may forever…


Tawagin niyo na akong malandi, salawahan, pokpok, at kung anu-ano pa na magpapasaya sa inyo, pero sa sandaling panahong nakasama ko si Lapis at Bolpen; naging iba ako. Sabi nila pag totoong mahal mo raw ang isang tao, hindi mo naman siya gustong makasama dahil masaya ka eh or dahil you simply feel good around him; gusto mo siyang makasama because you love the person you are becoming everytime you are with them…


I’m simply undecided. Inaamin ko yun. Alam ko in one way or another nasaktan ko sila kaya nga ako na yung bumitaw at lumayo. Wala na akong tamang desisyon na nagagawa dahil parehas naman nilang naibibigay ang pangangailangan ko, pero bakit pa kasi kelangang mamili? Bakit pa kasi kelangang isa lang? Alam kong selfish ako para tanungin ‘to, pero hindi ba mas maganda kung wala na lang labels? Kung wala na lang lock-out? Kung sana malaya na lang kaming maging masaya na hindi kelangang may mas mangibabaw? I mean, come on, ang babata pa namin at pakiramdam ko nga nun laro lang ang lahat. Walang seryosohan! Nagkandaleche-leche lang naman nung pumasok na ang concept ng pag-ibig eh. Sabi ng isa mahal niya ako, sabi rin ng isa mahal niya ako, parehas nila akong mahal at nagpapasalamat ako dun pero ang hirap dahil ako mismo nung bandang huli naguluhan na rin… parehas ko silang mahal… parehas ko silang gustong makasama… pero bakit hindi puwede?!


Ang selfish ko I know, pero anong magagawa ko? Ano ang magagawa ko kung ang happiness na hinahanap ko ay nanggagaling sa dalawang magkaibang tao?












Ang True Love ni Papel



Nangyari ang kuwentong ito sa isang madilim na eskinita sa Quiapo kung saan naglipana ang mga kawatan, holdaper, at sawi sa pag-ibig…


Minsan pakiramdam ko  ako si Superman; nakakagala, nakakalipad, at nakakapasyal sa kung saan-saan. Masaya sana kaso marami rin akong nakikitang malulungkot na pangyayari sa paligid ko. Marami akong nakikita at nakakasalamuhang iba’t-ibang nilalang na may kanya-kanyang pasan na problema.




Napalingon si Papel sa boses kong pang The Voice of the Philippines sa lakas… at ganda… Matagal-tagal na rin mula nung huli kaming nagkita. Wala pa rin pinagbago si Papel. Pangit pa rin siya kung kaya’t dinadaan niya na lang sa wagas na ngiti ang kanyang pagbati.


“HOY TABA! Kamusta na?!” ang nakakainsulto niyang tugon. Sa sobrang dami na naming pinagdaanan ni Papel, hindi na ako naooffend sa mga banat niyang taba, babs, balyena, at kung anu-ano pang maisip niya na naglalarawan sa sukat ng katawan ko. Iniisip ko na lang palagi na patas lang rin naman kami, pangit siya, mataba ako. Parehas kaming may depekto… Kung meron man kaming pinagkaiba at kung meron man akong kinaiinisan, siguro yun yung masklap na katotohanang si Papel ay hindi nauubusan ng lovelife habang ako naman, hindi nauubusan ng true friends.


“At dito pa talaga kita makikita Papel? Sino kasama mo? May bago na ba?”


“Wala Tabs. Wala na.”


“Anong wala na? Kelan ka pa naubusan? Sa pagka-effective ng panggagayuma mo, imposibleng mawalan ka ng jowa no!”


“Wala na nga. Hoy teka, magcoffee nga tayo, may gagawin ka ba? Tagal na nating di nagchikahan!”


“Hindi! I mean wala, wala naman akong gagawin. Tara kape tayo.”


Nilakbay namin ni Papel ang kahabaan ng EDSA gamit ang aming mga paa… Ayy… ng mall pala, nasa mall pala kami… Nilakbay namin ni Papel ang napakahabang alley papunta sa coffee shop kung saan lagi kaming nakatambay almost 3 years ago. Walang pinagbago ang layout ng coffee shop. Ganun na ganun pa rin siya mula nung huli naming pagtambay dun. Cozy, dim ang lights, tahimik, at walang masyadong tao. Ang sofa na lagi naming inuupuan ay nandun pa rin sa sulok malapit sa pinto ng CR at ang magazine stand na katabi ng CR ay ganun pa rin ang laman…


“Naalala mo ba yung mga nag MLM dito dati na ang iingay at kung mag-order isang kape lang pang buong araw na?”


“Sira ulo ka talaga! Huwag ka maingay tabs, malay mo andito pa rin sila!”


Dati rati ang lakas naming mangmata ng mga networkers ni Papel. Ginagawa naming comedy ang paraan nila ng pagpresent sa mga potential recruit nila ng business plan. Akala mo kung sinong magagaling na naiintindihan talaga ang negosyo, hindi man lang nila naisip na sila’y maliit na bahagi lamang ng napakalawak na money making machine ng kumpanyang kanilang nirerepresenta. Bago pa man kami magsimulang magkuwentuhan, tinanong ko si Papel kung anog gusto niyang drinks para ako na ang mag-order. Libre ko ‘to ngayon dahil namiss ko si Papel at dahil na rin kakakuha ko lang ng weekly income ko mula sa aking business. Kung gusto mong mag-invest at kumita ng 24, 000 in 1 week, tara coffee tayo, kontakin mo lang ako sa numerong: 09998272342. JOKE! 


“Same same lang sa akin Tabs. Extra sago ha!”


“Papel, anong sago? Walang sago dito, coffee shop ‘to! COFFEE SHOP!”


Hindi ko alam kung iniinis lang ako ni Papel o talagang nanadya siya pero dahil alam ko naman kung ano ang paborito niyang orderin, nagtawanan na lang kami request niyang extra sago. Inorder ko sa counter ang paborito naming inumin, nagulat ako nung bigla na lang akong tinanong ng barista na, “for Papel and Tabs po sir? Long time no see po ah.” Hanggan ngayon, siya pa rin ang tagakuha ng order. Kasali na rin siya sa kuwento dahil loyal siya sa coffee shop location namin. Manager na siya ngayon after 3 long years of making coffee at sariwang-sariwa pa rin sa alaala niya ang majubis kong mukha na ironically mahilig sa no whip drink at non-fat milk. Natuwa ako dahil nakilala niya pa rin ako pero hindi ako natuwa dahil Papel and Tabs pa rin ang pagkakakilala niya sa amin. Hindi pa rin siya nakamove-on!


FOR TABS LANG. PAREHAS TABS ISULAT MO. AKO MAGBABABAYAD NIYAN,” tugon ko sa tanong niya. Wala na siyang iba pang sinabi at nagtungo na upang gawin ang aming inumin. Mabait ang barista, don’t get me wrong, mali lang talaga ang banat niya nung mga panahong yun kaya di ko na nasuklian ng mabuti ang pagbati niya sa akin.


Matapos magawa ang aming inumin, bumalik na ako sa aming upuan habang dala-dala ito gamit ang dalawa kong kamay. Ingat na ingat ako na hindi ito matapon dahil masasayang ang 500 pesos na aking pinambayad. Naabutan kong tulala si Papel at nakatingin sa malayo na para bang ang lalim lalim ng kanyang iniisip. Binati ko siya kaagad sabay ng pag-abot ko sakanya ng kanyang inumin. Sa muling pagkakataon, nagkasama ulit kami at napagmasdan ko ulit ang kanyang mukha… ANG PANGIT! Hindi ko maitatangging ang pangit, pero sadya talagang mapasahanggang ngayon, nakakatunaw pa rin ang kanyang mga titig.


“So ano na ang balita Papel?”


“Naku Tabs, ang dami ng nangyari. Hindi ko alam saan ako magsisimula.”


“Magsimula tayo sa magaganda. So in short, huwag tungkol sa’yo dahil hindi ka maganda!”


“Good idea! Ang harsh mo lang, pero well, manager na ako ngayon sa isang BPO. Dati praktis pa tayo ng praktis ng English dahil mag-aapply pa lang ako nun, naalala mo?”


Tumungo lang ako kay Papel habang suot ang aking mga ngiti. Ayaw ko siyang pigilang magkuwento sa mga panahong yun. Gusto kong magtuloy-tuloy lang ang kanyang pagsasalita hanggang sa makarating kami sa dapat naming pag-usapan. Alam na namin kung ano yun at alam na namin na dun rin naman papunta, pero dahil sa matagal na kaming hindi nagkita, back to basics muna kami sa aming friendship. Kunwari batian muna na parang walang masamang nangyari at mamaya… oo, mamaya… mamaya na kami magdraramahan.


“Grabe yun Tabs no, kabadong-kabado ako! Ikaw nga nagturo sa akin nun ng accent. Tawa tayo ng tawa kasi madalas nagtutunog bisaya ako kapipilit mag English!”


“BISAYA ka kasi talaga nun! Tawag mo sa ball, bul! Parang bulbul!”


“Hoy hindi na ngayon! Bol na ang pagpronounce ko nun! Lakas ng tawa mo nun kala ko mamamatay ka na!”


“Mamamatay? Baka yun kasi inimagine mo?”


Biglang nanahimik kami pareho at inilag ang tingin sa isa’t-isa. Medyo tumigil ang mundo ko sa nabanggit ko. Tang ina mali! Dapat nanahimik na lang ako… Bumagal ng bumagal ang paggalaw ng mga tao sa paligid namin at unti-unting nalunod sa katahimikan ang lahat… Alam ko na kahit pilit kong iiwas ang usapan ay huli na ang lahat…


“Akala ko ba sa magaganda muna tayo magsisimula Tabs?”


Hindi ako makatingin ng derecho kay Papel kung kaya’t ipinagpatuloy ko na lamang ang katahimikan. Nakayuko na ako sa mga panahong yun at pilit na sinisipsip ang nagstuck na buo-buong butil ng giniling na kape sa straw. Pinilit ko ng pinilit sipsipin ito hanggang sa dumalusdos ito pataas sa straw derecho sa aking lalamunan. Nabulunan ako, namula, at umubo ng umubo hanggang sa lumutang na rin ang angkin kong kapangitan. Kunot ang mukha, nakalawit ang dila, at nangingibabaw ang double chin sa bawat pagpilit kong pag-ubo palabas ng nakabara na butil ng kape sa lalamunan. Habang nangyayari ang lahat ng yun, si Papel ay tawa na ng tawa sa kanyang kinauupuan. Hindi na rin siya makahinga sa kakatawa habang pinagmamasdan niya akong hirap na hirap na sa paghabol ng aking hininga.




“Hoy Tabs, ok ka lang?”


“Oo ok lang ok lang. Sorry. Napalakas ang pagsipsip ko.”


“Malakas ka naman talaga sumipsip eh!”


Bigla ulit kami hindi nag-imikan… Ang awkward ng mga banatan, pero dahil ito ang hilig ng mga kabataan ngayon, nakiuso na rin kami ni Papel. Pagkatapos ng tatlong taon, nito na lang ulit kami napagbigyan ng pagkakataon upang mag-usap at magparinigan na parang mga hayskul students na tambay sa inuman.


“Papel, sino ba talaga ang naging true love mo?”


Biglang kumulimlim ang panahon at lumakas ang huni ng mga ibon. Parang end of the world ang peg. Nagsimula ng bumuhos ang malakas na ulan na para bang isa itong eksena sa isang primetime teleserye kapag iiyak na ang main character.

Unti-unting napuno ang coffee shop dahil sa biglang pagbuhos. Marami ang nakisilong at naki CR at marami rin namang dumating sa scheduled appointment nila sa mga network marketers…




to be continued…

Moving Out Is Only Fun When You Think About It


I know what you’re thinking and I fairly understand your dilemma of your nosy parents being up your arse in all things you do. At most times you’ll feel like you’re deprived of the freedom you deserve; like, c’mon mom, it’s not like I’m spending your money in all my shits. Time and again, the pressure slowly builds up and the friction between you and your parents will just eventually get worst (well, at least according to your assumptions). At one point in time you will demand for your own space and will certainly go on a reevaluation drama of your life over and over again until you find a fix to the issue at hand.


“Kaya ko naman na eh!”


Yes, there’s no question to it. With your good paying job and promising career, awesome group of friends, and the other support team you have that got’yer back; I’m pretty sure you can manage to live on your own without being pressured to be home when the clock strikes 12 just like Cinderella because you anticipate a crazy round of interview the morning after. It’s a no-brainer. Moving out is the best option if you want a 100% independent life without the complications of living with your folks.


But hey, hold that thought a bit coz you might wanna double check first before jumping to your conclusion.


First, make sure that you are not emotionally driven. It can be a bit tricky and it may take a while to understand, but emotions play a critical role in the decision process. Yes, mostly, they are the reason why everything else won’t make sense in the long run. You may be having a tough time dealing with your parents and understanding where they’re coming from most of the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bullying you or taking over your life. They are simply trying to be good parents; which means to say that they just gotta do what they have to do.


Moving out is a major milestone in anyone’s life. It’s not a decision you can just make overnight or something you can decide on to do because of the circumstances you are faced with. Think hard about it and rethink it over and over again if you need to. Are you just being emotional or is it already a logical thing to do in order for you to toughen up by learning things on your own?


Second, YOUR STRATEGIES. By that I mean, YOUR DECIDING FACTORSI know you already have a stable job and a stable income, but taking on a responsibility requires so much more. Are you financially ready? Where are you staying exactly? Is it accessible to public transport? Is there a hospital nearby in case of any emergencies? Are the roads wide enough for a firetruck to pass through? Is there a nearby police station? Is it safe to walk around the area in the wee hours of the morning just in case you’ll go home late?


I’m pretty sure there must be a reason why your parents are up your arse most of the time aside from them being over protective of you. In one way or another whether you admit it or not, they are seeing something that needs to be changed to make a better person outta you. In most cases, to site one very specific example; perhaps you are spending too much and not saving enough? Yes I understand so well that it’s your hard earned money, but will your earnings be enough to live up to your lifestyle or will there be a drastic change that you’ll find a hard time coping up with?


Third, your laundry. Who will wash your clothes? Iron, fold, dry? There’s again an easy answer to this one, but trust me; you still don’t know how it feels to run out of nice clothes to wear. There may be a laundry shop near your place, but they will not give you a similar service you get at home. Most of their rates are unreasonable and the time they take to finish doing your dirty clothes is just unreasonable. More than that, they really don’t care about how much your clothes are as long as it fits the washing machine together with all the other clothes of people you don’t even know.


Fourth, FOOD! It’s time to say goodbye to good food; the kind you have in your house everyday. Eating out is a lot more expensive and it’s also equally expensive to cook if you’re alone (it’s also the saddest thing that can ever happen to you). The only way for you to actually save up on food is to eat in your neighborhood carinderia or from the canteen in your office building. The quality however and all the other extra calories (and MSG) you’ll get from these budget meals are just over the top. Say goodbye to quality and say hello to consumerism with your limited food choices.




Lastly, BILLS, BILLS, AND A LOT OF BILLS! I know you’ve done your homework already by computing all these, budgeting, and checking if you can really really pull off an independent life, but all your computations wouldn’t matter the moment they actually start arriving, monthly! There will be a lot of adjustments on your part and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Your bills will serve both as your lesson and achievement. This may sound funny now, but you will eventually realize that being responsible about yourself and your life is not as easy as it seems to be.


In conclusion, moving out is only fun when you think about it. It only gets serious when you start to delve in the little challenges that come with it. It is something that will determine the life ahead of you and the opportunities you’ll encounter as a result of the different lessons you’ll come across with. How you’ll eventually grow up, change, and mature as a result of the decisions you make along the way will depend on your flexibility as a person to recalibrate and adjust when necessary. Things will be a bit surprising during your first months living alone, or maybe your first 2 months or three, but you’ll surely get a hang of it. If you decide to move out; make sure that you have all the support of people around you most especially your family. Living alone is not easy and living with a heavy heart doesn’t help at all. Before deciding, make sure that you are ready because eventhough you always have an option to go back to your parents’ house; I don’t think it will give you a sense of fulfilment that you’re finally responsible enough to know what’s right, what’s wrong, and where your life is actually heading…