• Smart backs SM Supermalls’ cyber month tech sale

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    Smart backs SM Supermalls’ cyber month tech sale

    Recommends LTE handsets for better mobile internet experience [16 AUG 2016] Leader in mobile Smart Communications (Smart) supports retail giant SM Supermalls’ (SM) cyber month celebration, in line with its drive to promote smartphone adoption among its customers. SM’s cyber month celebration showcases the newest and most popular consumer gadgets available in the market today. [&hellip...

  • Smart Libreng Tawag advisory

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    Smart Libreng Tawag advisory

    [16 AUG 2016] To provide communication as relief to those affected by the recent flash floods, PLDT mobile subsidiary Smart Communications, has set-up a free call station at Hermosa Municipal Hall, Bataan. Additional Libreng Tawag sites will be operational within the week as follows:     Available by Tuesday, August 16 • Joner’s Supermarket, Bocaue, [&hellip...

  • Hotline 911

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    Hotline 911

    Hotline 911 was officially launched on August 1, 2016. On its first day of operation, it received a total of 2,475 phone calls based on the initial data provided by the Philippine National Police. Unfortunately only 3% (75) of which were legitimate calls. Prank callers swamped the hotline; there were 304 recorded prank calls on [&hellip...

  • #SafePH-certified, Smart strengthens Archdiocese of Palo’s disaster preparedness initiative

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    #SafePH-certified, Smart strengthens Archdiocese of Palo’s disaster preparedness initiative

    [2 August 2016] Leader in mobile Smart Communications (Smart) partnered with the Archdiocese of Palo in training the different parishes in Region 8 to better prepared against disasters. Over a hundred delegates attended the recently-concluded program facilitated by Smart. Resource speakers from PHIVOLCS, PAG-ASA, Emergency Management Center, and Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office [&hellip...

  • Smart backs 1st digital career boot camp, promotes growth of digital career opportunities

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    Smart backs 1st digital career boot camp, promotes growth of digital career opportunities

    [28 JULY 2016] Mobile leader Smart Communications (Smart) is helping spur the growth of opportunities for online freelancers in the Philippines through its support for the first Digital Career Boot Camp, organized by OnlineJobsUniversity.com (OJU) in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).   The one-day event aims to provide participants with [&hellip...

  • How I Told The World I Wanted to Dance

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    How I Told The World I Wanted to Dance

      I love dancing. I love it so much that my imaginations throw me out from the world that sets me aside and call me names. It’s like my escape. It’s my refuge from the psychological and emotional torture that I may get if people see me move. The struggle is real and no matter [&hellip...

  • Eccedentesiast

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        Why do we fake a smile?     Why do we hide the tears?       What do we wish to happen?         So?   Huh?         Eventhough you know that?         … … … ?         But still?   [&hellip...

  • POV – RA 10175

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    POV – RA 10175

        On my unconventional point of view…   The Philippines is once again united to battle a greater cause brought about by its near-failing, if not selfish government today. We are all faced with a threat and presented with an obvious circumstance that cultured fear in all of us in losing our right to [&hellip...

  • #REBLOGGED: Millennials: How They Live and Work

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    #REBLOGGED: Millennials: How They Live and Work

    by Jim Clifton   People often ask Gallup, “Are millennials really that different?” The answer is yes — profoundly so. Millennials will change the world decisively more than any other generation. As this report shows, millennials will continue to disrupt how the world communicates — how we read and write and relate. Millennials are disrupting [&hellip...

  • Food on the Table

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    Food on the Table

      The traffic was terrible. Cars flooded the streets and the construction of the new skyway greatly contributed to the congestion. The noise of the busy city that clouded our ears is the same noise that drowned the strong heartbeat that my Tito must’ve felt as we neared the airport. I  can only imagine…   [&hellip...

  • Gravitational Waves

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    Gravitational Waves

    And so it is true after all these years… the possibility of time travel.   If there is one moment in your life that you wish you could go back to, what would it be?   The recent discovery of gravitational waves opened doors for our frail and feeble humanity to kick in. Moreso, this [&hellip...

  • That Moment

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    That Moment

      November 21, 2014 – The world won’t stop for us, it continues to roll in the way we’ve known it to, ever since we were messy little rascals inside the four corners of our very first classroom. 24 hours before it completes a full rotation translating to day and night for us and 365 [&hellip...

  • Hello, Diin Ka?

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    Hello, Diin Ka?

      Tired from all the day’s work accompanied by a hot humid weather; I was already lying flatly on my bed when an unexpected phone call came in the middle of the night…   “F*ck! Sin-o na gatawag man!?”   As Ilonggo as I could get, I tried to compose myself while I dragged myself [&hellip...