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M (Mother’s Maiden Name)

    M (Mother’s Maiden Name) movie is an exceptional creation in this crazy time when everyone’s so busy with their own lives already that they forget to look back to the very first person who first gave them a … Readmore +

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Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

I remember years back when I was still a gullible little kid believing every myth that my parents would tell me; I would always go inside our house at around 5:30PM in the afternoon or so. I might extend being … Readmore +

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Je T’aime

Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre, c’est regarder ensemble dans la mêmedirection.   “My longing is unquenchable; like a desert in my throat. Love may have forgotten me, but I’ve never forgotten love. There is but one soul … Readmore +

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Blood and Sacrifice

I once walked the earth with another hand holding mine, another heartbeat I can call my own, and another life I shared with the most special human I ever came across with. But life wasn’t easy for someone like me… … Readmore +

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Nutkraker, Pasko na Naman Muli!

      Let’s start the season of giving early!   Ballet Manila in cooperation with the Manila Broadcasting Company, Star City, and Aliw Theater proudly brings us again a one-of-a-kind Christmas Special, Nutkraker Pasko na Naman Muli with the special … Readmore +

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That Moment

  November 21, 2014 – The world won’t stop for us, it continues to roll in the way we’ve known it to, ever since we were messy little rascals inside the four corners of our very first classroom. 24 hours … Readmore +

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A Simple Surprise

  I once thought that there is nothing more fulfilling for me as a writer than to see my works being executed on camera. Imagine how tough and rigid it is to come up with a good story  that everyone … Readmore +

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An Easier Way to the Summit!

    The starting point of all achievement is desire. ~N. Hill I remember a few months back when I had the privilege of listening to Romi Garduce (the very first Filipino to reach the peak of Mt. Everest) on how … Readmore +

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SWAN LAKE – Trip for 2 to BORACAY!

Swan Lake Giveaway: Win a trip for 2 to Boracay!   In Swan Lake, the White Swan Queen, Odette and the Prince fall in love.  But a doppelganger, Odile, the Black Swan tricks him into falling in love with her instead. … Readmore +

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  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!   A great one indeed! I am very thankful…   There are times in life when you just know that you are on the right track; this one’s my ticket to ride this time! After all … Readmore +

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Si Juana, Ang 10 Million Pesos, at Ang Basura

INTERIOR. SM ACTIVITY CENTER. DAY Nanonood ng pageant si Ely at Kim habang si Sean naman ay abalang nagjujudge ng contest at nakikipagtalo sa isang contestant kung good afternoon ba o good evening ang dapat na gamiting pambati kapag 06:55PM … Readmore +

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Jump Ship

Today is the day that I become officially unemployed and poor (kidding!). It’s my last day at work, finally! After several months of thinking about it banging my head from side to side just to make sure that my decision … Readmore +

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My 1000 Pesos Taxi Ride

  Maybe he needs it more than I do.   That’s usually the excuse of people trying to look at the good side of things, but NO!    It F***ING HURTS! (crying)   One of my friends told me that … Readmore +

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