A Letter From Mom

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I have loved
watching you go through life
as only a child can…
laughing, crying,
so sure of yourself,
and at the same time
so often full of doubts.



My heart broke for you
when life was unfair;
I would have shielded you
from pain and heartache
if you had let me.



I wanted to protect you,
but you needed to grow
into your own person,
so I had to let go of you-
a little at a time.

That was one of the hardest
things I’ve ever had to do.

Your childhood is gone now,
and I still miss those
wonderful times,
but I am so proud of
the adult you have become.

I love you,
and whatever paths in life
you may choose to embrace,
my love will be with you…
and I will cherish you always.

-Peggy Selig


I’ve been going through the pages of one book in my collection earlier this morning and I happen to stumble upon a poem written by Peggy Selig which really struck my heart at the very moment I was reading it. tcds for generic lipitor Life has been so busy for me lately; it’s almost 6 long years now since I decided to live life away from my mother. At those early times I was so excited because I became independent, I lived on my own and I had nothing to worry about someone telling me what to do and not what to do everyday; I admit that it was a selfish act that I did, not even thinking about what my mother felt when I left her. The realization of it just settled in unfortunately for me, I do want to burst into tears for being a very selfish child, but I guess time has already made me tough that not even a single teardrop could escape my eyes anymore. Though this is not something that I regret in my life, still, this is something that greatly matters. Thinking about her and the fond memories I’ve had with my mother makes me smile, how I miss those days, how I miss those times, how I miss the feeling of being safe with the world because I am in my mother’s embrace, and how I miss that little child that I was; being so stubborn yet sweet to here, hugging her with all my might always and crying with her everytime the world becomes unfair.

I can say that I never had the chance to grow up with her, I never had the chance to dream with her, to share with her some of my most treasured moments, and to be there for her when times are tough; I never had the chance because I wanted to grow up so fast, because I wanted my independence at an early point in time, and because I wanted to explore life on my own. I know someday, I would have my chance again; I would have that opportunity again to be with her and make it up to her to everything we’ve just missed. I know I’d always be her little boy and nothing would ever change that fact… I love my mother so much and I just can’t wait for that chance to come again in my life…

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