My #Selfie with the US Ambassador to the Philippines


Social Media mini cupcakes by @sweetpatticakes.



Manila, Philippines – July 16, 2013


It was one unique event for everyone who loves to be online; moreso for me who imagined a lot of crazy possibilities prior. I’ve always looked up to the security forces of the United States on how they artistically execute their tactics everytime a VIP is around; unlike our own forces who surrounds the vicinity of the venue with army trucks and armed soldiers, the US troops are doing it quite differently. I also acknowledge the fact that I may have too much of the movies which makes me go saying ASTIIIIG!!! everytime, but yeah, I was excited to meet the US Ambassador to the Philippines that night which was an extended celebration of our recently concluded Social Media Weekend!



Me in my congressman attire. =))

It was an intimate event and only a few attendees were confirmed. It was a post dinner celebration where everyone got to meet new people and socialize while waiting for the ambassador to arrive. Lucky for me, I was already familiar with most faces that it became a comfortable crowd from start to finish.


My favorite event buudy,

Ryan Yam, a friend of mine and owner of PRNT PH was there as a sponsor. His magical instagram printer never failed to amaze me.


Lou, Me, Chelle, and Jutes in the photobooth area.



Me and my sistah, Rosario Juan, proprietor of Commune PH and social media guru! 🙂


Culture Curator of Homegrown Philippines, Rachelle Davis (@rache_tweets) and Ros.


Ambassador Harry Thomas arrived a little late than the expected time because of the heavy rains and the traffic, but it doesn’t really matter anymore. It was a fun chill night spent with familiar faces and fellow enthusiasts.



Amb. Harry Thomas giving a short keynote speech.


People who are rude on social media are the real cowards.

Quoting the ambassador, I can say that his words are truly sincere. He himself was a victim of bullying during his childhood days and he sure does know how it feels like. Today, with the advent of social media in our country and being one of the most heavy users of the internet, cyber bullying, a crime we see so little about as it happens is very persistent in our society. It has already raised the alarm to a level which requires everyone’s participation. It’s a battle we should all fight together. It is a serious issue and as responsible netizens and advocates, we have to start educating the young minds of today for the sake of their tomorrow.


Striking a group pose with the Ambassador. 🙂


#SmileSmileDinPagMayTime =))


It was a truly great night. Ambassador Harry Thomas is the man! 🙂 He is a very cool guy, not the serious kind you’re thinking of right now when you think of his title. I loved how enthusiastic he was in meeting everyone exchanging discussions about his stand on the social media culture of our country. It is very surprising to know that even him is very active online (when I say him, it’s actually him posting updates and not his staff or secretary!) and to prove that, I got to grab some pics of the ambassador INSTAGRAM-ing the venue and FOOD!



Taking a clear shot of the Commune wall.



He loved the social media mini cupcakes!

On a personal note, my encounter with the man is one very fulfilling experience. It assured me that I was in the right place surrounded with the right group of people sharing the same vision. I have always imagined myself to be part of a greater cause and that has always been my goal everytime I decide to commit myself to something…

Amb. Thomas is a very charismatic person who is very humble and smart. That night, I didn’t feel that he actually is the US Ambassador to the Philippines because the way that he interacted with everyone in the room cleared the aura of aloofness towards him. He made everyone feel that he is one with us, sharing the same vision and dreams for the future of the country and its children.

He may be Ambassador Harry Thomas, but he was Harry to us that night; someone who gave us all a reason to all the more continue what we’ve started.


My selfie with the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Amb. Harry Thomas.



Jutes, Me, Lou, Ros, and Mon! We are the SOSYAL I mean, Social Media Advocates! 🙂


I got a shot to fame by the way, I’m so happy about me being posted on the US Embassy’s official Twitter account! 😛 Wala lang, I’m just saying! 😛


That’s me on the US embassy’s page! 😛

See you all again on my next post guys! 🙂

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