Kung Bakit Masarap Maging Bakla

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I’m guilty of that crime. Ironically, I label people as that most of the time without really thinking and as much as I’d like to make it sound not offensive, it is! It’s basically the same thing as calling someone nigger, black, homo, fat, ugly, and who knows what else; labeling people is not cool and it will never be, not even if you’re the closest of friends. So, in this regard, let me share with you my personal opinion KUNG BAKIT MASARAP MAGING BAKLA (WHY IT’S FUN TO BE GAY) and the different things “we” see from the perspective of someone lucky enough to be enjoying the best of both worlds!




WE CAN MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH, yes we can and we do it effortlessly. I’m not saying that all gays are hilarious, but most are really the life of the party! There’s a totally different kind of humor ingrained in the minds of people like us and that is something no one else can ever pull-off the way we do. Admit it, your gay friends gave you some of your best laughs and made you forget the world for a moment and they are the only ones who can do that. Not even your bisaya yaya can compete with them! TARAY!


WE CAN BE A GUY OR A GIRL’S BESTFRIEND it’s so easy to be comfortable with a gay guy so as long as he is not the parlorista manyak kind. Forgive me for saying this, but there’s a fine line between being funny and being provocative. I just have to say that. There are wrong notions about gay people simply because some gay people are really monsters in a way with hidden agendas of some sort, but to those who are educated and well bred; they are simply the coolest bestfriend you can ever have! They understand both the male and female gender and it’s not at all biased simply because they go through the hurdles of both sexes as well. SHUMPAKELS!


WE ARE FULL OF POSITIVITY, it’s overflowing! If we focus on the judgments passed on to us by the society and the close minded individuals, we will just get stressed and emotional all over. Happiness is always a choice for us and the battles we are fighting because of the dictated norms and traditions is already more than enough to put us down if we allow it to. We have a greater outlook in life and we have big dreams for our family and friends. We want to make the world beautiful and paint the walls and roads with rainbows so that everyone sees a brighter day everyday! PAK!




WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! More than anything, we value commitment! That’s why same-sex relationships last more than heterosexual relationships. We know what we want in life and our decisions are deeply rooted in our words. We stand by it and fight for it. We are brave enough to make a difference and nothing can ever stop us from doing that. RESPONSIBILITY is the biggest motivator of our kind. Believe it or not, we’ve all had more than a fair share of life’s difficulties and not even this fact can bring us down. We love challenges and we never turn our backs from it! BRING IT ON GIRL!


WE ARE CREATIVE! This needs no further explanation. We make the world go ’round! We are responsible for the most beautiful girls you see on your neighborhood! Other than that, some of the greatest movies that made you cry and some stories you’ve read about life came from the AWESOME imagination of enlightened people like us! We are your modern day shaman and we know how to do magic in the most incredible way! We are creators of art! BOOM PANES kayo no?!


WE ARE THE BEST CRITICS! Yes we are! We will tell you if you look fckin stupid in the suit you’re wearing without sugarcoating it. We know what looks good and what doesn’t that’s why most people trusts us so much in the vanity department. CHAKA is you when you don’t know what you’re doing with yourself, but of course, a simple opinion coming from your closest gay friend wouldn’t hurt that much. Don’t be scared to ask your gay friend for advice; we don’t bite! (well, not unless you’re hot and yummy and you allow us to bite you; we’ll never say no! HAHA!)




BOYS YES! and that as well needs no explaining. We get to enjoy looking at the yumminess of a boy’s physique. Ohhh that biceps, triceps, extra riceps, ulamceps, sarapceps, and etceps! No one else feels the way we do and only us can make a man feel like a real man! We enjoy boys more than girls enjoy them and that equates to more happiness coming from us. Trust me! I know! And some boys know this too! Of course, no one wants to admit it, but yeah, it’s more thrilling and handy having a gay friend around anytime you need some lovin’! HAHA! 🙂


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And finally…



The primary reason why it’s masarap maging bakla is because you can be your true genuine self at all times! No lies, no deceit, no pretensions! Being bakla is not a choice; there may be several triggering factors involved for one to turn gay, but it’s really not within the control of any individual; moreso, of any religious group or sect that thinks they can change the world by eliminating their definition of wrong in the society. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HATE SOMEONE WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THEM and I guess this is what the world needs more of now. It simply takes a small amount of open-mindedness to go through life without hurting anyone because of your false judgments. 🙂





‘di ba Tito Noy?





Behind every GREAT MAN is a WOMAN, but behind the GREATEST MAN our HISTORY has ever known is ANOTHER MAN keeping him INSPIRED and TRULY HAPPY.

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