The #tags for Straight Guys

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These are just some of the hashtags all over social media which suggests that two guys (or more) being overly affectionate towards one other is not automatically gay at all. Surprisingly, I find this cute rather than insulting (as some would say these are insensitively homophobic remarks) and the reality to it that guys too can be really showy and mushy sometimes or even romantic (#bromance) and it is not at all taboo anymore…





There’s an entirely different world for straight guys in the realm of their relationships with their best buds. This world is unknown and unseen to many mainly because of the innate ‘bro’ code built within them which also serves as the natural bond that tightens over time. Unlike girls who share different stories with each other; guys are a little more personal and intimate. They share the same story, if not intertwined most of the time.


I am fascinated by straight culture and at times a little frustrated as well. I don’t think I can ever have a cute hot guy best friend to run to and not think of him as a meal or as someone that will not be an object of my desire. It just doesn’t work that way for gay people; there will always be something in there that would ask for more than just the brotherly bond. It ruins everything. I am a living testament to that. And I am not happy about it. I feel like I need to buy a challenge coin sometimes to see if I really just want friendship or more than that in the first meeting.




The #tags for straight guys:


If you browse Twitter or Instagram and search for particular hashtags like the ones above, you will see how cute the world is now for the kings. Friendship gets stronger and the bond gets deeper between them because they somehow feel more connected already. We became expressive individuals over time and lately we’ve been developing the attitude of letting people know how important they are (which is the best thing that ever happened here); be it a simple admiration or a recognized meaningless crush knowing that it’s OKAY.





I’m gonna share with you some of the posts of my online friend (my super crush also) on his IG account which is pretty much a summary of everything I wrote here. He’s been really damn close to his best buds in highschool. It’s parting time for them now and they’re off for a new adventure in college. Vlad is straight and it’s out of the question, but if you’ll notice how bonded he is with his men, I’m pretty sure you’ll see yourself and your close guy friends in them too (if you’re straight) OR end up loving them and wishing they’d sex you up (if you’re gay) big time.






I seriously wish I was straight; not that I’m not happy with who I am, but it’s something I’ve always wanted. It’s more of my wishful thinking. I am not naive of how things work for straight people. At the end of the day, it will still boil down to one thing and one thing alone, RESPECT. It is the most essential ingredient for any relationship to work whether you or your friends are gay or not. Today, sexuality doesn’t matter much anymore.






Dear straight people of the world,


It’s completely OKAY to call us bro too if it makes you comfortable. Call us by our name if you want. Call us dude or anything guy-related-endearment when we look exactly like you (meaning, not wearing any women clothing). We appreciate that. But please, do not expect us to be at our best manly straight (because first of all we’re totally not manly straight) behavior everytime you take your shirt off or change your outfit in front of us. If you’re wet and we see it bulging with our own eyes, you’re considered a meal so as long as you pass or go over our set standards. We can share the world together, we can be friends, and we can even be anything you want; as long as you’re my crush, there’s nothing impossible. Don’t worry though, I will not harm you or dare touch you without your permission, but please do expect also that there will be times that I will make you feel my needs. It won’t be that creepy though I promise. You can ignore me or give it to me, but please never ever tease me because controlling myself is seriously not an easy thing to do. I am gay and I can’t help put color to everything you say to or do for me. That’s given fact.


Always remember too that some are still afraid to go out, but I believe in time they will find the courage to do so. Be good to us. It’s not easy being like this. And don’t be surprised if one of your friends is or maybe (hopefully not) YOU, it’s sometimes just a phase in a guy’s life. It will pass. Let it be. If it doesn’t go away, accept it like a #NoHomo kind of thing. And most importantly, feel free to express yourself. It’s okay to have a #mancrush sometimes, it will not make you gay and it will even make you cuter in the eyes of hot chicks. Yeah, just like that. Lastly, after all things said and done, thank the people you shared your story with, your brothers, say to them the #LoveYouBro line, after all, an I love you followed by a bro is the manliest thing a guy can ever say today. Just don’t lose the ‘bro’ in the statement, because you really don’t want that to happen. Trust me. 🙂


Have a wonderful day, bro!



Post inspired by an article from Elite Daily: The Voice of Generation Y
From ‘No Homo’ To ‘Yeah, Bro’: How Gen-Y Became So Cool With Their Gay Friends






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