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  • Park Ave!

    Jan 27, 14 • Food1 Comment
    Park Ave!

        Save the earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.   True isn’t it? 🙂   Over the past few months, I have been obsessing with this little cozy place at Paseo de Magallanes that serves incy wincy pieces of heaven in every single bite. There’s nothing really special about my discovery of this [&hellip...

  • Valley Farm

    Dec 25, 13 • Everyday, FoodNo Comments
    Valley Farm

    I discovered something new and exciting!   VALLEY FARM is the only luncheon meat that offers suspended meat chunks in every bite and uses 70% REAL meat, blended in selected spices, providing best tasting and value for money product for that delicious and unique chunky bite experience!   Does that sound very promotional? WELL guys, [&hellip...

  • Just Married!

    Aug 15, 13 • FoodNo Comments
    Just Married!

        If I ask you about crossbreeding you would probably think about it the sexual way; at least that’s what I generally assume you’d think knowing how mundane the world is now without it. But no. This time we’ll not talk about how to produce rabbits with a dog’s head or snakes with a [&hellip...