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  • Si Juana, Ang 10 Million Pesos, at Ang Basura

    Oct 20, 14 • Everyday, People, RandomnessNo Comments
    Si Juana, Ang 10 Million Pesos, at Ang Basura

    INTERIOR. SM ACTIVITY CENTER. DAY Nanonood ng pageant si Ely at Kim habang si Sean naman ay abalang nagjujudge ng contest at nakikipagtalo sa isang contestant kung good afternoon ba o good evening ang dapat na gamiting pambati kapag 06:55PM na sa relo.   SEAN Good afternoon. JUANA Good evening po. SEAN Good evening na [&hellip...

  • Julian Estrada and Mo Twister

    Jul 7, 14 • People, POVNo Comments
    Julian Estrada and Mo Twister

      I am not a fan of Julian Estrada and never was a fan of Mo Twister, but the recent turn of events presented itself in a way that’s very disturbing and heartbreaking for people who understands so well the consequences of cyber warfare. The Estradas are going through a lot right now, tough times [&hellip...

  • Michael Christian Martinez The Tropical Ice Prince

    Feb 26, 14 • PeopleNo Comments
    Michael Christian Martinez The Tropical Ice Prince

    Probably you already know him; the teenager who made a huge impact in the hearts of the Filipino people just recently when he represented our country to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I didn’t miss the chance to give him a warm welcome, that’s the least I could do for someone who gave our nation [&hellip...

  • Paparazzi Worthy

    Feb 14, 14 • People2 Comments
    Paparazzi Worthy

        Lately, I’ve been literally going G-A-G-A over this man whom I really think to be more than just his pretty face and mouth watering physique. I’m not sure if many or any of you would even agree with me, but still, I wanna convince you.     Not yet convinced? HAHAHA! 🙂   [&hellip...

  • You Learn, I Learn

    Feb 1, 14 • People, THIS!No Comments
    You Learn, I Learn

    “You jump, I jump”   Who would ever forget? 🙂 Today has been pretty much a topsy turvy fun ride for me; well, not just today actually but in the past months. I never really thought for once that I’ll encounter different people who will make me think the hell out about what’s wrong or at [&hellip...

  • My Father Told Me

    My Father Told Me

    I am overjoyed and it flows all over my body. Today I had a conversation with God and everything changed… I woke up this Saturday morning feeling very excited coz of my planned early morning walk at BGC. I went to S&R to grab myself some munchies and get my membership card as well, but [&hellip...

  • Tom Daley

    Dec 3, 13 • People, THIS!No Comments
    Tom Daley

    Tom Daley ‘brave and courageous’ to reveal relationship with man. Source:   I love him no matter what and by that I mean to say I love him in all aspects and loved him even more now for what he did! 🙂 I think I’m catching a fever coz of so much loving! =)) [&hellip...

  • Harold’s Awesome Birthday Party

    Harold’s Awesome Birthday Party

      I know this post is very untimely as the Philippines just recently experienced another calamity that tested the faith of our nation and fellowmen, but pardon me on this. I simply need to give credit where credit is due. This one’s epic, believe me!   It all started with a well written invitation by [&hellip...

  • One Direction This Is Us

    One Direction This Is Us

        I AM A DIRECTIONER!   I hate to admit that, but YEAH! I think I pretty much am! Too much even…   Yesterday, as I was bored by the circumstance of meeting my client at 7PM in Ortigas, I decided to spend some quality me time first in Robinson’s Galleria. My original plan was [&hellip...

  • On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

    Aug 8, 13 • People, POV, THIS!3 Comments
    On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

      There have been so much news that tested my patience lately and challenged my optimism towards our government; like there will be no hope left tomorrow for our successors. As much as I would want to remain calm and stop myself from stabbing some people upon seeing them, I’d also like to exercise my [&hellip...

  • My #Selfie with the US Ambassador to the Philippines

    My #Selfie with the US Ambassador to the Philippines

        Manila, Philippines – July 16, 2013   It was one unique event for everyone who loves to be online; moreso for me who imagined a lot of crazy possibilities prior. I’ve always looked up to the security forces of the United States on how they artistically execute their tactics everytime a VIP is [&hellip...

  • Throwback Thursday

    Jul 4, 13 • Everyday, People, RandomnessNo Comments
    Throwback Thursday

    I don’t know where it all started, but it’s something that puts excitement to everyone’s face nowadays especially when Thursday’s coming. By definition from an article at, #TBT or #throwbackthursday “is the name of a weekly post theme that social media users participate in as part of a very general throwback activity for posting content. [&hellip...

  • “You’ve got to find what you love.” Jobs says.

    May 28, 13 • People, THIS!No Comments
    “You’ve got to find what you love.” Jobs says.

    This is a prepared text of the Commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, on June 12, 2005.   I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, [&hellip...