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  • Habemus Papam Franciscum!

    Mar 14, 13 • People1 Comment
    Habemus Papam Franciscum!

    The Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican; like the ocean, we know little about it behind its walls, but this is not our focus today. We are festive and celebratory because we have a new Father who will lead us all under one faith and religion, Pope Francis! The world rejoices! He is the very [&hellip...

  • Birthday Presents

    Birthday Presents

        YO! =))   Hey guys, what’s up? Kamusta? As you all know, my very special day for the year 2012 already went pass by dropping off another year in my age and leaving again another year for me to fill with lots of fun, lessons, and surprises. And yes my dear readers, tanggap [&hellip...

  • ZEfron Overload!

    Oct 1, 12 • PeopleNo Comments
    ZEfron Overload!

        HELLO OCTOBER!!!   You’ve seen him all dressed up at the recently held FanCon, but today, stop being such a #HYPOCRITA bitch! HAHA! After seeing all these pictures, I just know that you’ll drool all over and wet your keyboards, so, as an advice, make sure to clean up after and leave no [&hellip...