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  • Senyora, Live More Ka Talaga Dahil Ngayon, Abot Mo Na Ang Mundo

    Aug 19, 13 • POV, THIS!No Comments
    Senyora, Live More Ka Talaga Dahil Ngayon, Abot Mo Na Ang Mundo

        *Disclaimer: This post does not mean that I am against any of the entities mentioned hereafter. @Senyora is merely a tool here of the unethical and malevolent practice of whoever devil that is behind his tweets which are obviously sponsored and paid by the parties she represent.     It is already apparent that [&hellip...

  • On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

    Aug 8, 13 • People, POV, THIS!3 Comments
    On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

      There have been so much news that tested my patience lately and challenged my optimism towards our government; like there will be no hope left tomorrow for our successors. As much as I would want to remain calm and stop myself from stabbing some people upon seeing them, I’d also like to exercise my [&hellip...

  • Usapang Boobs

    Jul 19, 13 • POVNo Comments
    Usapang Boobs

        Kagabi habang kumakain kami ng aking mga kaibigan sa Mr. Kabab West Ave. napunta kami sa isang usapan na sadya nga namang nagpasarap lalo sa aming saluhan. Tawa dito, tawa doon, at batuhan ng mga asaran blues tungkol sa “pagkababae” at “pagkalalake” ng dalawang bagong magsyota.   Babe, mas malaki pa boobs ni [&hellip...

  • What Do You Do?

    Jul 15, 13 • On The Set, POV, THIS!2 Comments
    What Do You Do?

      I’m young, so young that if I tell you my age you might get offended, nevertheless; let me share a little of my maturity with you (if ever you find any).   My name is Ely and I live in one of the suburbs of Makati as of the moment, I am a Systems [&hellip...

  • Dar Por Perdido Mañana

    Oct 10, 12 • POVNo Comments
    Dar Por Perdido Mañana

        October 09, 2012 – 08:00PM   My friends and I decided to watch Give Up tomorrow over Taken 2. I don’t know why, but there is just this something inside me I do notunderstand that seemed to tell me to watch it. I was actually hesitant at first if it ever would be [&hellip...