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  • Hotline 911

    Aug 3, 16 • THIS!No Comments
    Hotline 911

    Hotline 911 was officially launched on August 1, 2016. On its first day of operation, it received a total of 2,475 phone calls based on the initial data provided by the Philippine National Police. Unfortunately only 3% (75) of which were legitimate calls. Prank callers swamped the hotline; there were 304 recorded prank calls on [&hellip...

  • How I Told The World I Wanted to Dance

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    How I Told The World I Wanted to Dance

      I love dancing. I love it so much that my imaginations throw me out from the world that sets me aside and call me names. It’s like my escape. It’s my refuge from the psychological and emotional torture that I may get if people see me move. The struggle is real and no matter [&hellip...

  • Food on the Table

    Mar 2, 16 • Everyday, THIS!No Comments
    Food on the Table

      The traffic was terrible. Cars flooded the streets and the construction of the new skyway greatly contributed to the congestion. The noise of the busy city that clouded our ears is the same noise that drowned the strong heartbeat that my Tito must’ve felt as we neared the airport. I  can only imagine…   [&hellip...

  • Nightclubs Are Dying Because I Don’t Party Anymore

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    Nightclubs Are Dying Because I Don’t Party Anymore

    It was just like any ordinary night out of the house, but it felt completely different…   I took a step back from our table and carefully watched my friends drown themselves in loud music, blinding lights, and thick smoke coming from the fog machine. Everybody was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I stood still [&hellip...

  • Ikaw Na Tito Boy!

    Jul 15, 15 • POV, THIS!No Comments
    Ikaw Na Tito Boy!

        It all started with a tweet, but NO I say; it all started when one brave professional young artist dared to speak out about a very sensitive fact that could’ve probably ended some of his good relationship with friends in the industry.   I hope not.   Rhap Salazar’s tweet became very controversial [&hellip...

  • Moving Out Is Only Fun When You Think About It

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    Moving Out Is Only Fun When You Think About It

      I know what you’re thinking and I fairly understand your dilemma of your nosy parents being up your arse in all things you do. At most times you’ll feel like you’re deprived of the freedom you deserve; like, c’mon mom, it’s not like I’m spending your money in all my shits. Time and again, the [&hellip...

  • Revolutionary Undertakings

    Jan 20, 15 • Everyday, THIS!No Comments
    Revolutionary Undertakings

      In 2011, when I landed a new job in an IT company earning a little less than PHP 18,000/month (gross) without any benefits; I was scared. I didn’t have insurance, healthcare, or at least an emergency fund to pull whenever things would go wrong. I was just almost a year out of college shouldering all expenses [&hellip...

  • You Learn, I Learn

    Feb 1, 14 • People, THIS!No Comments
    You Learn, I Learn

    “You jump, I jump”   Who would ever forget? 🙂 Today has been pretty much a topsy turvy fun ride for me; well, not just today actually but in the past months. I never really thought for once that I’ll encounter different people who will make me think the hell out about what’s wrong or at [&hellip...

  • My Christmas Carol

    Dec 27, 13 • Everyday, THIS!No Comments
    My Christmas Carol

    Disclaimer: This post is not about money, but all about the music I heard from within and how I shined the brightest this season. 😛     If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, which means we personally know each other and I wanna be acquainted with you in one way or another, then you [&hellip...

  • Dear Juan and Juana

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    Dear Juan and Juana

    With all the recent tragedies that happened to our country lately; from Yolanda to SM North EDSA’s Martilyo Gang episode to our first ever flying bus in Bicutan, naisip na ba natin ang puno’t-dulo at ugat ng mga problemang ito? Of course Yolanda is a natural disaster, but the disaster that happened after it is [&hellip...

  • Pun Ye Tax!

    Dec 25, 13 • Everyday, POV, THIS!No Comments
    Pun Ye Tax!

    Whether you like it or not, you have to pay your taxes! As if you have a choice! Today, like most days in my life when I receive my income (regular and/or additional); I always feel a little of that uncomfortable “kurot” inside of me when I look at the breakdown of my gross to [&hellip...

  • Tom Daley

    Dec 3, 13 • People, THIS!No Comments
    Tom Daley

    Tom Daley ‘brave and courageous’ to reveal relationship with man. Source:   I love him no matter what and by that I mean to say I love him in all aspects and loved him even more now for what he did! 🙂 I think I’m catching a fever coz of so much loving! =)) [&hellip...

  • Payback Playback

    Payback Playback

    TEATRO EXPEDICION DE FILIPINAS   I’m very much excited for this and I hope that you will be too after reading this post…     This has always been the life I wanted and I’ve always felt drawn to the stage more than any other place. The stories I have to share with people inspires [&hellip...