It Will Always Be Christmas

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I slowly twisted the bottle cap and listened to the hissing sound as trapped air escaped from the plastic bottle. The sound reminded me of so much things lolo used to tell me when we used to share the 2 liters together with a warm pandesal and pancit bihon on random afternoons. I slowly poured the drink on a plastic cup and watched the tiny bubbles rise towards the surface creating sparkles that reminded me of how special those moments were. I can still clearly remember the hissing sound as if coming from a powerlung.



I am not entirely sure if this TVC in the 90’s still ring a bell to you, but this is how I’ve always imagined Christmas. This is how the child in me fell in love with the holiday season and up to now, I still look forward to the day that this scene would somehow come true for me and my lolo. Everytime I open a bottle of Coke, I am starting to feel like a child again in my lolo’s lap finding comfort in the warmth we share together.




I may not exactly know how cold snow really is, but I’m pretty sure it’s beautiful most especially during the Christmas season when twinkling lights illuminate the streets. I can only imagine the smile painted on the faces of children as snow blankets their surrounding on December evenings. How I wish my lolo would still be strong enough to handle the cold, but unfortunately, time has gotten him weak already.


I filled my plastic cup up to the brim and listened carefully to the sparkling sound it made. I was reminded of the stories, the moments, and the life I shared with some of the best people in my life more than my grandfather. It has always been a celebration when we had Coke in the table. In one way or another, it oftentimes called for something special to take place. An opened bottle would always be followed by smiles and laughter coming from every corner of the room. It was always special…


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I gulped down the last drop of Coke from my plastic cup and thought about the crazy times I’ve spent with family and friends. I smiled a little bit knowing that I’ve shared my happiness with the right bunch of people and still continue to share it with them up to now. Life is an everyday celebration and it’s just becoming sweeter and sweeter each day as we share our happiness with each other more and more. No one really knows what tomorrow brings, but as long as we recognize that we have lots of happiness to share within us to people around us…


it will always be Christmas…


To my lolo,

I grew up as a happy person and I learned to share it with others because you have shared your happiness first with me…



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