My Christmas Carol

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Disclaimer: This post is not about money, but all about the music I heard from within and how I shined the brightest this season. 😛




If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, which means we personally know each other and I wanna be acquainted with you in one way or another, then you probably should’ve seen the latest status I posted which sounded a little melodramatic like it was coming from a hofner electric bass. Another long one for the telling, but for the benefit of those who really wants a sneak peek of my most interesting life, here’s what I had to say:





Vacation for me is over. Ended it with a nice dinner with family, but before that conclusion, I decided to take my  2 brothers out one by one at different time frames. I exercised my duty to them as their big bro talking them out of their problems. I realized today how cool of a kuya I am and I’m really proud to be the man I have become over the years.


There are so many problems in our family; the latest and worst of course are my 2 bros getting lost in their way to life. I may have acted tough and strong back in Manila, but my friends don’t really understand the gravity of the situation I am in. I’m not the kind that puts my burdens in anyone’s shoulder. I laugh and I laugh a lot, but behind all that is the me whom no one will ever spell out.


Not to mention of course, my lolo asked me again why (over and over again) I still don’t have a GIRLFRIEND!!!


Anyway, this is the most meaningful Christmas for me ever. I may not have enjoyed it the way others did, but I spent it the way it should be spent with my family most especially with my brothers. I took a walk with them today and gave them both a pat in the back.

Tomorrow is another day. From the moment I step foot again in Manila, I will be starting my 2014 in the office. I will also be preparing for my show the next day, Saturday where everyone is invited! Yes, EVERYONE! That includes you of course reading this post! It will be a treat for me to see you all there! It’s Payback Playback Saturday and you will fnd everything you need to know about it here ->


Maraming salamat Bacolod for another crazy trip! Going back to my roots always gives me indescribable joy and fulfillment. I can only pray for our lives to get better and to Him I always leave the rest. I was never alone and I will never be for He is with me. 🙂

See you all soon guys! I miss you and the pollution! 😛


It’s one serious and heartfelt post that made me laugh after. It brought such relief to me that I’ve never felt lighter.

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So here goes my Christmas spending story and the CONFIDENCE I built reconnecting with them after almost a year of not seeing each other; of how I decided to spend it this year in 5 days with the people I love the most, my FAMILY…




It was all about food and get togethers! It’s the very first time for us again to celebrate Christmas in our old house somewhere in the middle of the sugarcane plantations of Negros Occidental where our house is located. Everything felt so different. I can’t believe we have 3G signal there! 😛



We have a new addition to our family! My very first niece, Elle Mitchelle! She’s so adorable and she somehow resembles my pretty face! Haha! She’s the daughter of my younger brother, the one next to me. I miss her already.



I feel the grown-up in me this year! And it was legit! Yes, time really flies so fast that you barely notice the changes happening not unless you are gathered together once more in the same place where you spent your formidable years.




If there’s one thing common amongst us all cousins, it’s that we are the only friends we know. It doesn’t mean that we are anti-social people, it’s just that we enjoy more spending our time together as family (aside of course from the BAWAL ANG BARKADA rule of our parents) and as friends. Nothing can ever come between us. There may be a lot of challenges, heartaches, and hurts along the way, but we always manage to get through all that. We never let anyone tinker with our strongly formed inseparable bond.



After almost a year, here we are again. 🙂 This is the very first time I went home to Bacolod this year and I made sure to spend it the way it’s meant to be spent. I may not have enjoyed Christmas the way others did, but I sure made it more special this time around. We are living entirely different lives now and in just a little more time, we will grow as family. There will be additions and subtractions to our kin. There will be more to whatever we have now, but everything will be for the better. I am constantly praying for it and I am really really really confident that it will be!




And finally, before I forget, I was so addicted to my new toy, the instax mini 8 that I decided to document all of my vacation days using it! This is what came out of it, polaroid pictures! It’s crazy how people nowadays take photos using it and take pics of the output pictures (just like what I did) and post it online. The cool thing about this gadget though is the instant gratification it offers and the effects you get on the pic just because all is manual.





I just love everything that happened to us in Bacolod this year in the span of 5 days! We had fun and we had serious talks as well. It’s crazy and it’s stressful, but it’s the kind that is good and truly remarkable. We have been very blessed to have each other and I believe that realizing and reassuring myself that I am right where I belong is the best gift I have ever received this year! Nothing beats!






I went back here in Manila because I have a show and it’s one thing also that I cannot sacrifice. 5 days, it was all I have to start our 2014 right! I’m so excited for next year! I’m the BEST, BRIGHTEST and COOLEST KUYA and I’m claiming it now! I am more than confident of who I am to them today! All these I achieved over the years of living independently and striving to shine on my own simple ways! Indeed, there’s no greater teacher than time and experience. It’s the values you acquire and your ability to set goals, align your focus, and know what is right and wrong that will truly make a BIG difference someday! I may just be starting, but this already a GREAT starter for me! I say, BRING IT ON!


I will shine the brightest for the people who gives me insurmountable amount of happiness and joy!




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