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If I ask you about crossbreeding you would probably think about it the sexual way; at least that’s what I generally assume you’d think knowing how mundane the world is now without it. But no. This time we’ll not talk about how to produce rabbits with a dog’s head or snakes with a turtle’s shell; today we’ll talk about porn. And no, not even that kind of porn as well that you would normally not finish ’til the end because you’ve jacked off and cummed too early already somewhere in the middle of all the bedly wet actions happening.


Let’s talk about food.




Cronuts. Half croissant. Half donut.



Invented by Chef Dominique Ansel in May 2013, it easily took the world by storm spanning from Berlin, Germany to Singapore and all around Asia. Here in the Philippines, I believe it was first introduced by Wild Flour and the news about it quickly spread all over the socialites of Manille and the socli; of course the soclis are more powerful than ever in this spread-the-news-there’s-a-new-food-the-Ayala’s-Cojuangco’s-Razon’s-insert-name-of-other-billionaires-here-eats game. They disgust me, but entertain me as well. If it weren’t because of them talking about it loudly on social networks, I wouldn’t have sparked my curiosity towards the new craze in town.


And so, with my self-proclaimed credibility as a blogger who wants to bring you the news; I took the effort of exploring the fancy sugary caloric world of cronuts for you! Only to find out though that it’s already everywhere; like in places you never imagined it to be!


I got devirginized by it in my very own neighborhood, with my mother, and yes, it was in there that I first had my pleasurable experience with it! Park Avenue Desserts is the name of the place and true enough, I think they did justice on the tasty treat!



Cronuts in Park Ave. Desserts in Paseo de Magallanes at 85.00/piece


I like the flaky texture of the croissant and I have always been a fan of it, but not so much of the donut though which makes my verdict of this also half-half. I don’t hate it and I don’t love it that much at the same time. Having tasted it first in the desserts place I really love because of their yummy creations; I am sure that wherever-in-the-world-cronuts it may be, I won’t still be a fan!



To prove myself right about this…



Cronuts at Dunkin Donuts valued at 75.00/piece

Cronuts at Dunkin Donuts valued at 75.00/piece


I tried the Dunkin Donuts version of it! And what can I say? It tasted like the classic pasalubong ng bayan mounted on a croissant and tried hard to be in the cronuts game. It’s disappointing. I expected more from it because of its premium price for a donuts cafe that caters to the masa market. The ingredients they used particularly on its filling and topping are the ones they also use on their regular donuts. The quality of the croissant was good, but it was ruined by everything else on it… I tried the Dunkin version this morning because of Ros, a friend of mine who tweeted last weekend about Dunkin’s own version of cronuts.


Today, just right after I finished gorging on the last remainder of my Dunkin cronuts, I saw a fellow blogger and friend tweet about it. Little did I know, she actually has a post about it here on her blog when she attended one cooking demo at Enderun on Cronuts 101.




She told me that there’s also a Krispy Kreme version of it! And I knew right then and there that I just have to try it as well to better deliver my judgement on this sinful delight! I am still hoping it will change the way I see it or at least make me love it the way it deserves because of its commercial demand.


I went to Eastwood!


THE EFFORT! But I just love you my dear friends that I really don’t mind adding more calories to my day just to give you a nice read about it.



Cronuts at Krispy Kreme valued at 70.00/piece


Krispy Kreme’s version of it was more delectable compared to the latter and priced lower too, but of course it was sweeter. It isn’t Krispy Kreme if it ain’t sore throat sweet they say! The ingredients they used on this has better quality of course and not entirely for the bayan’s mouth to feast on; it was more sossy on the taste. I liked it, but then, it still didn’t make me a fan!


My cronut adventure has brought me to places and made me want to be in the door of stores offering it; I may not be a fan, but my curiosity about the crossbreed is more than enough to make me look for it here around the Metro! I suggest that you try Krispy Kreme’s and Park Avenue’s, they really do have good versions of it. My favorite though is still of PAD’s. 🙂


Crossbreed food porn.





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