Dear Juan and Juana

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With all the recent tragedies that happened to our country lately; from Yolanda to SM North EDSA’s Martilyo Gang episode to our first ever flying bus in Bicutan, naisip na ba natin ang puno’t-dulo at ugat ng mga problemang ito? Of course Yolanda is a natural disaster, but the disaster that happened after it is WAY TOO IMPROBABLE to be natural


I am a proud Filipino and I vow to serve my country in the best way I can, but in order to do that I would of course need the cooperation of my fellow Juans and Juanas. I cannot do this alone. I cannot make big changes happen when there is a resistance caused by ignorance and fear of the unknown. I am not a politician, I am simply a citizen who observed some of the greatest follies of our time. Huwag na tayong MAGPALUSOT muna, tanggapin natin ang katotohanan na may mali sa lipunan natin at sa kung paano tayo nag-iisip araw-araw.




We are recognized by the world as the most resilient race. We are the brightest and smartest when it comes to “diskarte” sa buhay. We are everything we wanna be because our spirit is as strong as we claim. We are proud people and we are over achievers in our own little ways. Matalino tayong mga tao. At dahil sa talinong yun akala natin lulusot tayo sa lahat ng pagkakataon. This is where unnecessary sacrifices happen. We become a waste. An intelligent waste trying to make ourselves look valuable to the world.


Nakakainis isipin ang mga palusot ng Pinoy. I need not mention it, but I know you all know what I’m talking about.


Hindi totong wala kang TIME, tamad ka lang…

Hindi totoong mahal ang BILIHIN, kulang lang ang pera mo dahil kuntento ka na sa kung anong meron ka kahit ang totoo niyan gusto mo at hinihiling mo pa rin na sana sobra-sobra!

Hindi totoong mahirap ang mga PINOY,mahirap lang kausap kasi mas iniisip ang dahilan kesa sa paraan…

Hindi totong walang magandang OPPORTUNITY, takot ka lang sumubok…


We try to outsmart one another all the time. AYAW MAGPATALO! We all try to be the best we can be which makes us defiant of the system. We make reklamo all the time, but if given the opportunity, tayo mismo din ang LULUSOT!


Not because you can means you should! Hindi dahil kaya mo or makakalusot ka eh lulusot ka na! Kita mo ang nangyari sa bus sa may Bicutan? I’m sure sinubukan rin nun lumusot para mauna siya, para mas marami siyang makuhang pasahero, kaya ayun… Lumusot nga siya, sumobra nga lang. This is the simplest analogy of what happens when we disregard the rules and disobey the system; we will make it, but we’ll never know the consequences because we only think of the now, we only think of outsmarting others, we only think of ourselves, and we only think of the immediate gratification we’ll get. OKAY LANG NAMAN KASI PAREHAS PA RIN NAMAN ANG RESULTA, NAG SHORTCUT KA LANG! Now I am only left to pray for the dearly departed and I feel sad for their bereaved families. It’s not even Christmas yet. 🙁




We blame our leaders, but never ourselves. Our excuses are too logical and we are willing to defend it with our lives. Tayo na talaga ang matalino! We have our own reasons and those reasons make us impossible people to come in terms with. Lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang gusto at lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang paraan para makuha ito! Life in the Philippines is an everyday race of getting to the top. We are a Catholic country, but we often times forget that greatest lessons presented to us by our faith in Him. May takot tayo sa Diyos, pero wala tayong takot sa ating mga sarili. That is the problem. If there is something to fear, I believe it must be ourselves. We must fear our capabilities so that we can be more aware of what we can do. We must fear ourselves so that we can maximize our potentials without the need to hurt or deprive others of their rights. We must fear ourselves not because we know that we are superior, but because we know that in our superiority we are capable of harming and hurting. Our fear of ourselves must mold us to become better and our fear of God must guide us to become one nation with one common goal of making life easier for all our kababayans. Anong pakialam ng leaders natin dito? It must start within us all and when that happens then we can truly exercise our minds to think straight without compromise next time. All else will follow.


Lulusot naman talaga tayo eh kasi hindi naman perfect ang system. Lulusot at lulusot tayo kung gugustuhin natin, but the question is, bakit tayo kelangang lumusot in the first place? Bakit kelangan nating mangibabaw or mauna sa iba? Ang Pilipino ay mga duwag at mga bulag. This is sad to hear, but what we are is a product of how we think. Takot tayong harapin ang buhay na nasa baba tayo, kelangan lagi tayong nasa taas kahit na anong mangyari. We are subconsciously sinners and criminals, but we will never accept this fact of course. We always say may dahilan ang lahat ng bagay, which is true, but not all things ay may dahilan kasi kadalasan ginagawan na lang natin ito ng rason. Everytime we reason out, it is always in favor of us. We save of our asses from damnation regardless of the validity of our claims. Kasi nga, kung matalino ka at alam mo kung paano, LULUSOT KA!


di ba?