#Fallen44: Our Anger, Frustration, and Cry

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I don’t usually involve myself in commenting about political issues, but I’d like to differ today because more than just being political on the matter; I believe this is already more of a personal attack on humanity that threatens us all as Filipinos. For some this may not be an issue, most especially to the loyal supporters of our flawed President, but to me as a citizen, I simply want to see one thing and that is for the head of state to give a damn about his people. If I take it straight from his mouth, I want him to give a damn about the frailty of his BOSSES! US!


How can we trust a President to take care of the nation if he can’t even take care of his troops? He led them into battle without proper coordination. INFORMATION was very critical and VALUABLE in cases like this and it is something that he deliberately authorized to be withheld. There are many reports and different sides of the story coming from different camps, but there is only one thing for certain, THE PRESIDENT WAS AWARE OF THE OPERATION!


Given that he is forgiven on that instance because we are a catholic country and Pope Francis just left a significant message to us Filipinos; I really wish at the very least that he paid respects to all the ‪#‎Fallen44‬ men when their lifeless body arrived yesterday. But lo and behold, he’d rather be in the Mitsubishi plant inauguration than pay respects to the people who died under his IRRESPONSIBLE leadership.




#SAF44 arrival at Villamor Airbase, January 29, 2015


PNoy on Mitsubishi plant inaugaration, January 29, 2015




PNoy’s Attendance. Let’s find out his priorities! Wala pa dito ang hindi niya pagsipot sa mga biktima ng bagyong YOLANDA!



Arrogance, selfishness, and lack of empathy are just some of the things that is reflected in the actions of PNoy, but this is terrifying enough already knowing that at any given time, if we are in the height of oppression that will put our nation at risk, WE WILL NOT BE HIS PRIORITY.


I am not sure if he clearly understands his duties or if he has a clear grasp of his mandate as the President of this republic, but from what he has shown us over the years that he’s been gerrymandering our minds with motherhood statements that makes little or no sense at all; he is clearly a man with no balls. How can we even move forward with this kind of presidency? How can we even swallow this obvious plunder that not only deprives us of our right to good governance, but compromise our humanity as well? This has to stop. We cannot just shut up about this. Let our wailing be heard!




To our brave men and the families they left behind; the nation is condoling with you. Let this day be a commemoration of the great and honorable service your family has offered us all. We will always be grateful and indebted. We feel the pain of your loss and we will make sure that the lives we lost in battle will not be wasted under the supremacy of our INGRATA president. May God continue to heal our land and hearts.



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