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Who doesn’t love Fridays?




I love Fridays! In fact, I’m always excited about it. No work the next day, time with friends, and a short get away from the boring routinary corporate culture all yuppies are trapped in. It’s a time for pure fun and when all the KJs die. =)) Well, here’s one Friday for me that I wanna share with all of you guys. One Friday that I’m still confused about if I really enjoyed or sucked at totally!


It’s a laid back day in the office, the fun part only started when my officemate Mae was surprised by a birthday cake by a few of our officemates:


Of course you really don’t care about it I know, but yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mae! 🙂

On the other hand, what really made my day awesome is the fact that I was faced with 3 people who really made me smile; I know I’ll sound materialistic and all in here, but what you will see in the next pic is not mine! (How I wish it was though!) I just took a picture of it out of fascination and of course, for the purpose of this blog and something to make you think I’m actually rich! =))

Now I know you’re asking where this came from, but sorry I won’t share to you my secret! Hope you enjoy looking at it though! 😛 I treated everyone with the never-ending-always-ordered-during-celebrations-what-you-call-pizza thing from a very known, very popular, and food-poisoning pizza parlor. Everyone thanked me and I’m thankful as well that this time no one was brought to the hospital; only that the line in the CR became longer of course and bombs started dropping the way it did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima during WWII. =))

So there… I’m so overwhelmed and excited. Friday for me doesn’t actually start in the office most of the time, it starts when the clock ticks at 6 and the music is turned up loud for everyone to feel the rhythm of the night! This particular Friday though of October is something special for me, it’s for a ‘mababaw’ reason but nevertheless, it still got me pretty jumpy and giggly. I’M SCHEDULED TO MEET MY ALL TIME FAVORITE IDOL THAT TURNS ME INTO A SUPER EXTRA MEGA FAN BOY LIKE THE ONE YOU SEE IN MALLS SCREAMING LIKE IDIOTS AND WETTING THEMSELVES REAL GOOD JUST TO SHOW SUPPORT ADMIRATION AND DESIRE TOWARDS THE ARTISTA! YES! That’s me this particular Friday! =))




I left the office at around 5:30PM in all hopes of getting a cab to hop into and get me to Bonifacio High Street for @MarkkiStroem’s Thousand of Pieces album launch. At first I stationed at Salcedo St because that’s usually the cab place, but unfortunately while waiting, the rain started pouring real hard and all the cabs turned into one very special mode of transportation limited edition kind of public transport which will ask for an additional of 10, 000.00 on your meter to get you to your destination and add to that the fact that your competitors also becomes very aggressive that some are willing to step right in front of an empty/vacant/for hire taxi on the street just for them to get it. Of course, I’m not one of them, but believe me when I say I already almost pushed someone just to lessen the competition; some of them even made me wonder if they can even afford to pay. =)) Unfortunately though, I completely wasted my time. I stood for an hour waiting for nothing at Salcedo, I hated Makati real bad during those times, hated my office, hated my mother, and my father. I hated you! (if you happened to pass by me that time) =))


I can’t miss the so-long planned meeting with Markki! No! Not the rain, not the ants, not the birds can stop me! I MUST BE THERE! HAHA! I almost gave up and already thought of our good Lord; maybe we’re not meant to meet yet? Maybe there’s some other time for that? Maybe I have to wait for the perfect moment? Maybe. . . F. *. C. K !!! A CAB!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

Me: Manong, The Fort po.

Manong: Sir additional 10, 000.00 po okay lang?

Me: Manong, let’s go I’ll give you 100, 000.00!!!

I’m already desperate after 2 hours of waiting and walking around Makati in full hopes of getting there on time and not miss the event! AGAIN, I MUST BE THERE!!!

…and so I was…

This is what greeted me when I arrived! It was jampacked! I arrived at around 7:30-7:45PM and it didn’t start yet! Thank God for Filipino time! =)) It has its pros sometimes. 😛 I stayed at Seattle’s Best first because I really didn’t want to mingle with the crown who’s very eager to catch a glimpse of Markki, besides, I was also waiting for Arjo to arrive in the place. After 10minutes or so, Arjo and I met up at the coffee shop; he was with Nacho Tambunting who’s playing Markki’s brother at the soon to open repertoire, CAMP ROCK! Right then and there, I just knew it was already that meant-to-be-moment! =)) THIS IS THE NIGHT I MEET MARCELLO ANGELO LEDESMA STROEM! HAHAHA!

We had a fun convo at Seattle’s, Nacho, Arjo, and I until Markki already arrived. Arjo greeted him and Nacho and I introduced myself; shook his hands, said my name, and OMFGHAJKSFDAJSH@@!!!FKJHQIONJA!!!!BAJBFAIJBANBFOKAN !!!!!!! deep inside! =))

The feeling lasted a while, I’m glad I was able to keep my composure and not squeaked like a little girl when we were introduced. Markki spent time with us 3 while waiting to be called up on stage and start the show. I was feeling really really really lucky and exclusive (OF COURSE!) during those moments! HA!

>>>>>>FAST FORWARD<<<<<

Me, Jeff, Markki, and Nacho! I don’t even know why I’m in this pic! HAHA! This was already during the end of his meet and greet when Jeff, Nacho, and I decided to have our picture taken with Markki. Just for fun.

At the end of this, we were invited to join him and his family (Cornerstone and parents and brothers) to dinner, but unfortunately I already committed my time to a friend of mine to be at her sister’s birthday party at Opus. I said goodbye to the guys and left the Fort immediately to head to Opus at Resort’s World!

Opus was real fun as well, but maybe I was just already too exhausted for the day to party the entire night! It was good seeing Sandra Riccio, Steeven Ikemura, and Pia Padre again after such a long time of self isolation from ze gang! In the party with us (too bad I don’t have pictures of them to show you and make yabang) also were Kit Thompson and Dj Callum David who happens to be good friends with the friends of friends of my friends, ahh basta ganun! =))

I went home at around 02:00AM already of Saturday (I KNOW IT’S EARLY!) but I really am exhausted and I feel like my day’s complete already from everything that happened! I had loads of gazillion fun and the adrenaline in my system’s just exaggerated! It was most fun! I hated and got BVd coz of the traffic though and the 2 hour waiting-for-a-cab-adventure of mine, but still it’s a FRIDAY!!!

I f*cking love myself, I deserve to celebrate! =)) And to top it all off, I still had a little hang-over when I woke up.

I’m TERRIBLE with namessss! And this is just one EPIC FAIL EMBARASSING MOMENT! =)) but thanks anyway Markki for reminding me that his name is J.E.F.F and not FRED!!! HAHAHA!!!

Have the best Friday always guys! Message me if you wanna hang-out! =))

Lezzzzzzzz PARTEH! 🙂

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