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First of all, I’d like to apologize for not being able to update my blog for the last 10 years! HAHA! I’ve just been filled with so much things to do here at the Hacienda that the only technology I have full access into is my mobile phone which surprisingly works around carabao dirts and dog ticks. =)) If you don’t mind, before you even start asking what the f*ck I’m doing here, kindly take time to read my previous post, 30000ft. 🙂


Moving forward, I think I’ve been pretty much enjoying my vacation here. In fact, I’m enjoying it so well that I’m having thoughts of making it permanent, but really thinking about it; NO! This is still not the life I’m seeing myself having in the next 10years. This is my comfort zone and that fact alone scares me. I’m here for a reason and that is to RECHARGE! Yes! Just to fuel up again my burning desire to succeed! 🙂 My life’s a mess back in Manille, I was soooo drained coz of all the stresses of the corporate world, my independent life, my alone-ness, and my ever so fickle uncontrollable mind which I’m honestly starting to have a good grasp of already lately.


I’m not here to tell you about all the whatevers of my life now, but I’m actually gonna share with you something I grew up with. Things which my parents forced me to believe or maybe I subconsciously believed in eventhough I never wanted to! HAHA! Parents have their own ways sometimes. Tsk! Anyways, let’s start.





We were raised in a strict household, that’s what I thought before, but now, after so many years of being away from my family, I realized how much I miss the #HaciendaLife and how different it really is from the city. I’m so grateful of the fact that we all grew up the PROVINCIA way and I will always be PROUD of it. Life is really one simple undertaking, we just tend to complicate it most of the time; I myself is guilty of the crime.


To share with you a glimpse of life here, please take a moment to look at the pictures and appreciate every moment captured in it. Something personal again, but something worth sharing with you guys as well! 🙂


The colors are so vivid. It’s so different that even in pictures you’ll see life in it. Technology is present, but kids here still prefer to play outdoors. I think this is what’s starting to go away nowadays in younger generations; their ability to socialize and mingle with their fellow human beings. Technology kills our culture, but not here in our province. Not here in our house. 🙂



The tambay at the sari-sari stores! Carabaos! Trees! etc… That’s my definition of a simple chill life away from the very stressful and busy city. So far, I’m almost fully charged again. I’ll be spending one more week here and sure enough when I get back to Manille, it’d be a lot more different! I’ve taken my rest, realized all the mistakes I’ve made, got rid of all the stresses, and now on my final preparation for yet another take-off waiting to happen in my life! This is gonna be exciting! I can’t wait! But for now, let me leave you with this post, lunch is ready downstairs 😉 you must know by now that here at the HACIENDA, we eat together as family, NO EXCEPTIONS! It’s either I eat lunch or miss it. I’M NOT MISSING IT IN ANY WAY! HAHA! 🙂 Have a great day everyone! More detailed posts to come! 🙂



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