How CHEF Found A Way To My Heart


It’s been a while since my last movie post and I blame my eccentric schedule for that, but let me again try my luck in convincing to get your ass moving and head on to the cinema nearest you. CHEF.


It rained so hard yesterday that I got stuck in Makati. EDSA was so bad that it looked like an unorganized parking lot. There was no way for me to go home and get my much needed rest after a physically draining session at the gym. I stayed in the gym for a while waiting for the rain to stop pouring coz aside from the horrible traffic, I knew also that it’s near impossible for me to hail a cab in an instant. I browsed through my Twitter feed and saw a tweet from one of my most cerebral friend Markki Stroem saying something about the movie (CHEF) he watched with his brother.




This is not my first encounter of someone saying that Chef is a good movie; my curiosity about it grew stronger and my passion for films kicked in. Rather than waste my time waiting in the gym, I decided to walk to Glorietta and catch the last full show.




This is my 2nd movie for the week and I’m with all hopes that it’s gonna be a good one. Indeed, it was the BEST! The way the story’s told in the film is perfect. I never had any downtime watching it. The mix and match of character’s simply amazing and they blended well together. They complimented each other on screen which made them look like they were just playing; like there were no cameras around at all. Everything was surreal natural.



When the movie started, I already expected something that would move me in the end. The twist as most would call it. I knew that I’m gonna cry and that I’m gonna wish again for a life story like theirs even for just a day in my life. The father-son relationship which was highlighted from the very beginning up to the end is what made it so special for me that I can’t help but write about it now. The film had a simple storyline, it’s about a chef who loses his restaurant job and decided to eventually agree to his ex-wife’s idea of starting up a food truck instead for him to continue pursuing his passion and in a way; after the incident that became viral in the internet, put an effort to reclaim his creative promise while piecing back together their estranged relationship.


The father and son adventure in the movie of getting to know more each other is what’s most heartwarming. They shared stories and experiences trying to catch up with their lost moments. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this movie to everyone! I’m sure that this will give you and your family a new sense of togetherness and belonging! CHEF sure did capture my heart and it sure did assure me again that someday soon I’m gonna be a father too and I will have a son of my own to spend all my time with. 🙂





Watch out for the performance of Emjay Anthony there. He played the role of Percy, the son of Chef Casper and Inez (Sofía Vergara). This boy’s got what it takes! I’m sure there’s a bright future waiting for him!

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