IMPROV! Dancing to the Tune of my Life






BIG WORD! Well, it is for me now. I’ve always had this longing of bringing a smile to people’s faces; it’s as if I was born to do it all my life and I just can’t explain why. Many of you, who personally knows me, would think WHAT THE F*** is Ely talking about when all his life he’s been a technology advocate and geek?! Well people, I am, yesterday…


2 months ago, I decided to take a step forward in something that I’ve really dreamed of doing. I decided to learn it with all my heart in the most possible and feasible of ways and I want to learn it only from the best of course. It’s not a crazy decision or a hunch of the moment or an impulse; I carefully thought about it and imagined myself in the actual picture of the stage, spotlight on. And then it dawned on me, YES! this is the life I’ve always wanted. gibson at musicians friend dancing to the tune of my life… finally…


Naalala ko pa, when I submitted my resignation to my previous company; they asked me what my plans are and I honestly told them I’m joining PETA!




ASDFGHJK!!! =)) No!!! Not this PETA!!!

I’m no animal rights advocate guys, c’mon! STAHP! I’m talking about the other PETA, something that’s not so familiar to every normal human beings alive. Kidding! 🙂


That’s more I like it! Yes guys, this kind of PETA! I’m part of the family now, well at least for the summer and I’m actually enjoying it so far. I’ve had a lot of doubts along the way if I should continue or if I should even be there on the first day, but nevertheless; I was and with no regrets, I conquer!


You see that look? That’s my PETA look! LOL! =)) I’ve always loved the arts, expressionism, and whatever abstract thought that comes with it. This is just me and it’s simple really, I love performing!


Adrian, Darlene, Fatima, Caleb, Me, and Baby Carl. (LANDEH!) =))

These are my best buds in class. Alam mo that feeling when you just get magnetized to people even just on the first meeting? That’s how I felt around them and it scares me more now because I know these good times would eventually come to an end… soon…


Fatima, Baby Carl, Me


I really hate my eyes in this photo. I’m so exhausted when this was taken having to juggle work, meetings, and class in one whole day.



Baby Carl, Me, Direk Phil Noble

If there’s one person that’s always present in the pics; that would be yours truly and the Baby! =)) Don’t get me wrong though, Carl is such a young guy with an awesometastic amazebawlzzz personality. He’s cool to be with and he just simply gets along with everyone. He’s no Baby technically, he’s 6 feet tall! =)) Together with us is Direk Phil who is also our class moderator. I admire and look up to this person so much, he is just the perfect man to do the perfect job!

And to share with your further some of our activities, I managed to steal some photos from Direk Phil’s IG account:


Tableaux presentation


Theater Arts 1A and Theater Arts 1B collaboration activity




Tableax presentation with movements.

There you go people! That’s just a glimpse of what it is and what we do. Believe me though, we are having so much fun more than just that! It’s one life changing experience and we’re not even halfway done yet. I know I still have a lot to learn and I’m not yet the great actor they call, but that’s just exactly why I’m here. I am learning along the way and I am guided by the right people. We may be crazy bunch of young gens, but we definitely will be the inheritors and pride of tomorrow!

This is starting to become my life and for now, let it be at its hardest! IMPROV! Say YES! This is an unexpected turn. 🙂

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