Julian Estrada and Mo Twister

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I am not a fan of Julian Estrada and never was a fan of Mo Twister, but the recent turn of events presented itself in a way that’s very disturbing and heartbreaking for people who understands so well the consequences of cyber warfare. The Estradas are going through a lot right now, tough times and by that I mean to say really TOUGH! I don’t think it’s fair for someone like Mo Twister who’s gifted with natural gagoness to continue hitting on Jules. The young Estrada may have wrongly and irresponsibly asserted himself in defense of his brother, but Mo, being the older guy and the much more ‘responsible’ should-be older brother who’s been choking the social media community with his unsolicited comments should just shut it.


Let it go Mo if you’re in the right mind. The wrong doing of one person is not the wrong doing of all persons connected to him by affinity or consanguinity. Jules’ actions can be justified by his duties to his family and his unconditional love and compassion for his brother. Mo should not even be in the picture. He deliberately pushed himself in the story by whipping his ego and by feasting again on someone he sees as a potential victim because of the recent circumstance they are faced with. I hope he grows up soon and become an example of social good. Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. Not even freedom of speech can excuse Twister of this and I’m not even sure if he will understand so well the ramifications of his doings because as far as he is concerned; majority of people from the cyberspace are enjoying his blatant and unethical attacks on Jules (and Jel).


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And as for Jules. I hope he learns to present his arguments in the right manner that will make him a defendant instead of a villain. It’s a long way for him, but again, his lack of experience and scant understanding of the proper decorum should be treated as a window of opportunity for learning and should therefore be taken advantage of those people in the right mind to correct the follies of the youth today. 





You can never correct wrong with another wrong. Cyber bullying is not cool. When you decide to lambast people on-line and in public; that’s tantamount to defamation/public humiliation which is also, by the way, Mo Twister, illegal! What makes you any different? 🙂 Only that, your accusations are not valid yet until Jinggoy’s proven guilty, but me saying all these is as valid as it can ever get. Just shut it, you’re not Filipino anyway, coz if you were, you should’ve been more respectful of our culture and social norm. We hate cyber bullying in this country and we’re exerting all our efforts to end it. Just so you know. 🙂



This post does not in any way represent my political stand and/or take on the issue faced by the Ejercito / Estrada family. This post merely aims to highlight the online activities undertaken by the mentioned parties above. Please do not hesitate to reach me through my blog’s CONTACT FORM should you find any offensive remarks and/or fallacy in this post. I do not represent any organization, group, company, and/or individual.

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