Jump Ship

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Today is the day that I become officially unemployed and poor (kidding!). It’s my last day at work, finally! After several months of thinking about it banging my head from side to side just to make sure that my decision is sane enough to push my life forward, I have arrived at this point in time where I can truly embrace the fire burning inside me to do not only the thing that I want to do, but something I know I’m meant to with all my heart and soul. visit website

Acting. Writing. Directing. These 3 are my major ingredients in making an impact in this world; it may sound like an ambitious feat for now, but little by little I am making sure that everyday is a small step forward in achieving it. I am well aware of the struggles and sacrifices I have to face along the way, I may be underestimating it as well, but just like what every success story tells us which I too firmly hold on to strongly; everything is a risk and the choices you make when you decide to take the risk will be your determinant for success. This has not been an easy battle for me and the real one hasn’t even started yet. For months I have rambled upon the choices laid down in my table and for months I have been pathetically chasing my dreams without really knowing where I’m heading, but after careful considerations, a lot of hours talking to my One and Only Creator, and a lot of advice from people I trust, I have finally came to a conclusion to ‘jump ship’ somewhere along my journey towards making a difference.


Sa lahat ng nagtiwala, naniwala, at sumuporta sa akin na alam kong hanggang sa ngayon ay patuloy pa ring tumatangkilik at kumikilala sa aking kakayanan, maraming maraming salamat po! You are my true strength and inspiration! I now look forward to the day that I pay you all back with a grateful and humble heart when I have already achieved my ultimate purpose knowing that in this life, at one very specific moment in time, you have wished me well and best in my arduous adventure. 🙂 Para po sa inyo ang lahat ng ito!


Finally, to those I will have the pleasure of working with in the near future and to those who will bless me with their trust and friendship; may we be harmoniously inclined to achieve our goals together that even in the darkest of days we will find light in the mere essence of our togetherness. I am very much excited to experience the luxury of your company and the greatness of your being.


Maraming-maraming salamat ulit and CHEERS to a new life ahead of us all!

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