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Hey guys! Kamusta? đŸ™‚

Sorry if I’ve been a lazy ass lately to update this blog, work has gotten into me badly that I enjoy Sales Force more now. Lol! Kidding! Don’t ask me what SF is though if you don’t know coz I’ll automatically block you! =))

Have you seen the movie Flipped? If you’re a fan of chic-flicks and love stories then you’re probably missing out a lot if you haven’t seen this film yet. This is by far the greatest kilig movie I’ve ever seen coz it reminded me of the old days when things began changing for me. I blame my stupid heart for that. And my brain. And that person. Haha! I’m not bitter. God. What made you think of that? đŸ˜› Anyway, tonight I decided to get myself some dose of that kilig factor again. I don’t know. I just suddenly felt the urge to and I felt like this movie is the perfect way!


No, it’s not like Flipped, but it definitely is something like it somehow. Must Be Love was an awesome cinema experience (if you’re a KathNiel fan) if you take it lightly. The story was a bit mababaw and the scenes were very predictable, but tonight I decided to enjoy it. I’m not a KathNiel fan, but a DANIEL JOHN FORD PADILLA fan! That explains it! Haha! There were a lot of scenes in the movie that would literally melt you, for a 23 year old guy like me, it’s more of a reminder again of what has been. Alam niyo yung first love drama? First kilig? First kalandian? =)) YUN! Pak na pak yun! Must Be Love gives you that! Kathryn and Daniel is just the perfect on-screen couple for the role, I can’t imagine anyone else playing it.

Titili na sana ako at some scenes, but I tried my best not to coz it would really make me look weird and what not. Pero di ko napigilan sa huli! Haha! Oi secret yun ah! I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed every scene, nakakahaba lang talaga ng hair si Daniel and sobrang RELATE kung RELATE naman ang mga dalagingding for sure dito! I can’t say it’s a much watch for everyone coz its target audience is very specific, but if you want to blast yourself again back to the days when it was all about kilig for you, then I suggest you visit a cinema near you and watch this! đŸ™‚

That’s where I will end it guys, I don’t wanna be a spoiler. Haha! If you LOVE Dj, go! Just go!

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