Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

I remember years back when I was still a gullible little kid believing every myth that my parents would tell me; I would always go inside our house at around 5:30PM in the afternoon or so. I might extend being outside for 15 minutes more or less, but I always made sure that I’m already in the safety of our house before the clock strikes 6. I hope you won’t judge me, but I too, like any other kid, was afraid of the ASWANG. Yes, ASWANG and for some funny reason, I still am sometimes most especially when I’m alone in a dark secluded area.

I still like to believe that they exist, I don’t know why, but there’s a part of me wishing to encounter one someday. Maybe I’m crazy or what not; call me adventurous, but the stories that made up my childhood about them fascinated me more than it scared me. They are a part of our literature already, our local folklore which I believe contributes greatly to the richness and diversity of our culture.

Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles of the critically acclaimed director, Direk Erik Matti is something to look forward to this coming Metro Manila Film Festival. It is surely a one of a kind movie that will offer a wonderful treat to the whole family. It will not only show us the creatures of the dark that we once feared, but will also remind us that somehow, in one way or another; these creatures EXIST, not just in our imagination, but also in the world we’re living in now. We may not be aware of it, but who knows? We may be walking with them everyday in the busy crowded street, we may be dining with them in our favorite restaurant, they may just be around us; our next door neighbors or probably the family living in the big house in the corner of the street. It’s so difficult to say nowadays ‘coz whether you’d like to believe me or not, I actually know someone who lives and sleeps with an ASWANG in the comfort of their home…

I’d like invite you all to watch KUBOT, THE ASWANG CHRONICLES 2 this coming Metro Manila Film Fest season! Let us all support our locally produced high graded films! Mabuhay ang Pelikulang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang sining at ang kulturang ating-atin!


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