Lola Joker!


One of the greatest things that ever happened to me when I was still a part of the Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas family headed by one of my idols when it comes to acting, Joey Paras, is that we were able to share ourselves even for just a short moment with our Lolas in Kanlungan ni Maria. It was our Thanks for Sharing project that enabled us all to feel the warmth and true joy of the Christmas season way back in 2013. I can still clearly remember that day as if it just happened yesterday. The smiles we brought to the faces of the abandoned elders assured us that Christmas is not just for kids at all, but to people of all ages who knows how to celebrate it with a pure heart ready to give.


I am still caught in tears everytime I recall that day. I just can’t imagine how heartless some people are to abandon their own mothers and live their lives without even thinking about them anymore. (Not Lola Pina’s case though. Her children died before her.)


Today, while I was browsing my Facebook page, I saw a post shared by a friend of mine that featured one of the Lolas I was lucky to interact with that day. She was the most gracious and lively of all despite the heartbreaking fact that she is alone now in life with no relatives to look after her. It just breaks my heart even more when I try to understand how she manages to share her smiles despite the circumstance she is faced with in the last remaining days of her life. Watch her here:


We all had fun that day. It was a learning experience I’ll forever treasure in my heart. It was life changing. We all thought that it was our responsibility to make them feel good, but the opposite happened. They touched our hearts in numerous ways, in ways that we haven’t imagined. I did not share this for a very long time because I wanted to treasure the experience as is without publicizing it because it was a precious gift given to me; the opportunity to share a part of my heart with them all selflessly.





Now I know this is long overdue, but seeing the video of Lola go viral on Facebook, I decided to act on it knowing that for once in my life, I have shared a piece of my heart with her. I do not want the help, support, and love to end in our outreach program. I want it to go a long way that’s why I’m asking for your time and valuable resources to at least reach in your own ways. I am including hereunder the Kanlungan ni Maria profile and address for your reference just in case you’d want to reach out to them.


Kanlungan ni Maria – Home for the Aged started its operation in May 2002 under the auspices of The Roman Catholic Bishop Of Antipolo through the guidance and sponsorship of former Bishop Crisostomo A. Yalung. For Bishop Crisostomo A. Yalung, Kanlungan ni Maria is a dream. A dream that through his initiative and perseverance he made it possible and thereupon May 1, 2002, Kanlungan ni Maria was born. It was blessed by no other than Rev. Father Uldarico D. Dioqiuno together with some friends and benefactor of the home.
Kanlungan ni Maria
#17 Lanzones St, Nayong Silangan Subdivision Antipolo City.
Facebook page: Kanlungan ni Maria
EMAIL:  [email protected]
Kanlungan ni Maria Home for the Aged Inc. became and independent institution whose operation depend on donations and solicitations give by kind-hearted individual and organizations. To date, we have served a total of 54 residents. 17 are within our care, 16 were reconciled to family and relatives, 12 were referred to other institutions and 9 already joined with our creator.
Thank you very much! I hope you’ll be filled with so much joy in your heart too the way all of us overflowed when our Thanks for Sharing program happened. 🙂

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