Many Faces

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I’ve been engaged in so much writing lately that I decided to take a quick break from it; well at least from the book I’m trying real hard to finish. Anyways, I found some of these pics from my Facebook account (thank you Facebook) which I think is worth sharing with you guys. It’s the different faces of me, jump shots, plain randomness, and pure fun I’ve had with some of the best people in the world.


oh yeah, I can definitely feel the song in there. One thing I’d like to highlight in here is that I have a talent in holding the microphone and it ends there. HAHA! I can sing, but but but, sometimes it just doesn’t sound right. :)) Maybe it’s the people singing with me or maybe it’s the player or maybe it’s the song, I dunno. I don’t think it’s me though. HAHA! #inDenial


This is another talent I have, though many of you would not believe it, I can actually do the split! Yeah! The SPLIT! It’s when both your legs are extended out and you form a straight line with it. My ass and balls touches the floor, man, I can go lower than that, but I’m not allowing any pictures when I do that to keep it a surprise to everyone I meet. HAHA! Sorry, you’re not seeing it here. 😛


Happiness causes me to be jumpy and all sometimes, but too much of it makes me the one being jumped on! I believe I’m soft enough for this little girl to enjoy the ride in my flabby belly; look how much fun she’s having and look how the other one’s dying coz of my weight! LOL! She’s the most that I can handle though, if you’re bigger than her, don’t expect a belly ride from me. 😛


And yes, I can jump and I can jump HIGH! =)) I cause the destruction of the entire UP grounds here which sunk the sunken garden a meter further though. HAHA!  Can you see the pull of gravity on my flabs? It’s technically the law of science working on it, it’s going down 9.8m/s(2) and I’m quite not noticing it here. =))


And another one. This time, I’m wishing to be Superman. HAHA!


Look how Master Yoda’s wife levitated us all! HAHA! I was pretty scared during this shot coz what if (thankfully it didn’t happen) I lose control of the wind around me and miscalculate the density of moisture in the air that enables me to fly and I suddenly fall directly towards her? Would there be any future left for this pretty lady? 😛 I don’t think so.


And yes guys, I’m definitely the KING OF THE WORLD in here! I jumped and nearly fell off the hill! HAHA! I’m so far the highest jumper, but I sacrificed my face there. I don’t think I’m smiling in this pic. HAHA!


I’m sexy and I know it! OMG! How I miss these days! HAHA! First year college days when I became an Afro-Piggy chick for everyone to lay their eyes on. LOL! Everything fitted me well and I carried it gracefully I think, I stood out, well, looked like a suman in general there. The curves! 😛


And finally my Pinoy Henyo stint which gained me a 2 minute national fame. You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you someone recognized me in the MRT right after the show happened. It was something really hilarious. Manong made my day with his, “di ba ikaw yung paper clip?” HAHA!


I’ve been all around with these many faces I have depending on different situations I am faced with. There’s a lesson in every picture that is very personal to me that’s why I shared it here. In all these though, realize that these are my faces of fun, enjoying every moment I have with the people closest to me and making the best out of it. Life is wonderful, live it to the fullest! Fuck gravity! JUMP! 🙂



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