March is <3 Month Part 1: Cinemalaya auditions and Short+Sweet Manila



Cinemalaya Auditions, Short+Sweet Manila, Curtain Call, Pasinaya 2014 and I.




March has really been stressful for me and it hasn’t even ended yet, but it’s the kind of stress I want and need to get my life going. Yes, I’ve been on stage more than I’ve been on my office desk this month. It’s something, I mean, it must really mean something now…


I’ve been thrown left and right. The pressure that I experienced all throughout exceeded my usual capacity; it gave me one helluva ride and it dramatically shaped me. I’m an entirely new person all in all with an entirely new perspective and new people added in my life. It feels rejuvenating and uplifting, but more than that, it makes me feel happy. 🙂


March started pretty well for me. I had the courage and guts to stand in front of the directors of this year’s Cinemalaya with all hopes to bag a role. It jump started my month and catapulted me to different places I never knew existed. I met people. Saw familiar faces. Fell in love with one. Fell in love again. And again. With one. (but I’m not telling you yet who that person is! LOL!) The feeling it gave me was ecstatic. I was there pursuing my dreams and being in the right place to do what I really love doing in front of people who shares the same passion and drive with me. Little did I know, it was just the beginning of another adventure… both in my acting career and (not so) personal life.



Brian, Gelo, Stephen, Jace, and Jaylord. (FLP babies of Dir. Rodel Mercado)


Short+Sweet Manila.




This show is a blessing in disguise. I didn’t expect this, but just like what a good friend of mine told me before; if it’s for you, it’s for you no matter what. I must’ve done something right to get this and I’m more than thankful for the blessing, the trust, and the support everyone gave me. It was a very challenging call and I stood up to it despite the circumstances that came along. It humbled me, at the very least, but it was actually something else more. I believe this experience grounded me. It brought me back down and made me rethink of my values, my philosophies, my life in total and how I connect with people. I learned a lot. Made new friends. And shared the sweet HOORAH! with everyone who’s been a part of this family.


I definitely have no regrets.




I wanna thank everyone who came to watch our show! It was exhilarating! Maraming maraming salamat po! Now, to give you a glimpse of how it was, allow me to share some pics of our daily grind in the back stage. We’re all about selfies, make-ups, and unnecessary chit-chats!



Time check: 6:55PM. Lao, Myless, James, Gel, Erica, Roland


Everyone’s full of energy. I just can’t help but take a snap chat of our little banter. Ang kukulit naming lahat! Ang saya lang! We had our priceless moments eventhough everyone was busy preparing. We’re kinda like that. Kanya-kanyang tiwang pero tawa at saya ng lahat. 🙂




I also shared the back stage with one of my favorite actress by the way. She’s known by everyone by the name Angeli Bayani, but to me, she’ll always be Ate Geli (pronounced as uh-teh-zhe-li; yes, important ang letter ‘h’ diyan!). I saw her perform (in Blabbermouth together w/ Ariel Diccion directed by Jay Caluag of Tanghalang Ateneo) and it gave me shivers down my spine! ANG GALING NIYA! SOBRA!



with Ate Geli


Finally, this wouldn’t all be possible if not because of the trust and support given to me by one person; a good friend of mine and a fellow theater actor, Christopher Fuensalida. His passion is overflowing and his patience is insurmountable! For bringing us all together and making this happen for everyone, Kudos Tope! Ikaw na talaga!


20140304_190118 20140309_191156


To my fellow actors in the play, Bham and Kuya Pj. To our sound directors Ate Sharon and Kendra and to the wonderful playwright who brought Gamlin, Dodo, and Kuya to life, Sir Anril Tiatco! Maraming maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!



Tope, Kuya Pj, and Bham. Team My Pren Named Gamlin

This is one unforgettable experience! I’ll say this a thousand times over if I have to! Congrats everyone and a double congratulations to all the winners of Short+Sweet Manila’s first ever season here in the Philippines!







Our Taumbayan (in T. Gener St. Kamuning QC) adventure just right after our final showcase is the best thing that ever happened! It assured me that I’m in the right place with the right people and with the right thing to do! 🙂



Sky (UST) and Miguel Almendras (Tanghalang Ateneo)


My Sky and Moon 🙂


The cast party for all who took part in the festival was held at the UP Executive Village just right after the gala night. We had a few good drinks and good food to share with everyone. There’s never a dull moment when you’re surrounded by theater actors. Every minute counts and you just can’t miss any second of it! Acting is my life and I cannot fully contain the joy I feel everytime I am on stage performing. I simply love it with all of me!



Hinalikan ako ni Cedric! HAHA!




To God be the glory!


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