March is <3 Month Part 2: Curtain Call and Pasinaya Festival 2014



A one of a kind experience that affected me on a very personal level! HANEP!


Another day, another challenge, different sets of problem, different kind of people, and different feelings involving greatly my flawed understanding of how it is and what it feels like to love



Being a part of this show with my newly found acquaintances make me feel lucky. I never expected this and I never really asked for it, but again, just because of one person who trusted me and believed in me; my contribution mattered… I mattered… I feel valued and appreciated more than ever for doing what I love and for giving it all to the craft I gave myself fully into. Direk Rodel Mercado of Frontline Productions treated me as his own homegrown and I am more than thankful! db 60 metronome from guitar center

It’s not the project. It’s not the show. It’s me. I had the chance to rediscover myself. To know more of what I’ve become over the years and to remind me what I shouldn’t be as time goes by and work in my favor. Let alone my heart which learned to function again with a new tune and rhythm… I am dancing inside. I cannot contain it. It got to know another name and sing it over and over again while flashing a picture of that person in my head all over. This is absurd, but I thank whoever it is that made me feel this way…

Moving on, Curtain Call: The Repeat consisted of 7 plays from different playwrights. These are re-staged plays, but timeless ones that still hits the spot. Some of the original actors of these are even friends of mine now; these people are already the backbone of the industry and it’s an added pressure to not just fit their shoes, but to actually outgrow it and give justice to the different characters available to us. It was wonderful! The play itself though plays a small part in the totality of my experience being with the family so new to me. What mattered more in the course of my connection with them is my extended effort to help someone achieve his dreams… Nothing makes me more happy than lending a hand to a person so dedicated to the craft I love (so much) exert effort to be at his best all the time. Stephen. He gave me hope and something to believe in. He’s such a wonderful person and a blessing to me. He turned my life completely around. I didn’t expect this.



He is a kababayan of mine. An Ilonggo with big dreams. It’s so easy to see in people if they’re really dedicated to whatever they’re doing now and Stephen proved me right. He’s one of the lucky few to have been called back by a giant network for an audition that will make or break his acting career. He is one of the lucky few, but not really lucky at all because I firmly believe (personally) that wherever he is now and that whatever he has is the result of all his hardwork and dedication to his work. Luck is not how I call it.


I had the privilege to train him. Direk Rodel became busy with so many things that he entrusted me Stephen. I don’t want to fail Direk and most importantly, I don’t wanna fail Stephen so I gave it all sans the hardship and the breakdowns we’ve encountered. I can say that ’twas a life changing experience for me. I learned from Stephen more than he ever learned from me. It’s a process and I can say that we’ve undergone that process rigorously despite our differences. He is an amazing person and he’s been my definition of happiness in the last few days. 🙂 I owe most of my smiles to him.




The result of his call back audition will come out in 2 weeks time. I’m nervous and scared as hell. Maybe this is normal. Maybe it’s because I’m the one who trained him that I’m feeling like this right now. Or maybe it’s something else. I don’t know. But whatever happens, I know he gave his best during his moment of shining and I trust him more than enough to have delivered what he needs to deliver. We’ll find out soon. For now, I can say that we definitely deserved the glass (SUPER BIG GLASS) of caramel beer we shared over a high chair just right after our rehearsal. 🙂




Furthermore, I also wanna thank the new set of people I met who welcomed me into their lives! The babies of Direk Rodel under his company, FLP. All these would not have been possible if not because of their trust and unwavering support. They give me hope and a set of pretty good problems that tests my character. I know this will sound unfair, but it’s actually more of me learning from them than them learning from me in this situation. I am thankful and overjoyed. I cannot fully express my gratitude for their warm welcome and embrace. 🙂





Hanggang sa susunod nating pagkikita! 🙂 I love you all guys and girls!








Yes, I’m an avid supporter of the arts! I always make sure that I give back something and that I experience all aspects of it in ways possible and available to me. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and an indescribable feeling of contentment everytime I give my service for the betterment of a cause. This year’s Pasinaya festival is one of a kind and it’s actually my first. I enjoyed it so much despite the fact that I was late for our call time (5AM) at CCP because I attended our cast party the night before for Curtain Call. I ended showing up at 11AM, which is not that bad. It’s always better late than never! LOL! 😛




I was assigned to be a barker for the jeepneys that goes around the different museums in Manila! The festival was scattered in different places this year and there were FREE transportation services for everyone. I got to do trips, sight seeings, and different kind of fun stuff all throughout the day! Lemme show you…



First trip going to Intramuros! (Bahay Tsinoy, Casa Manila, NCCA, Museong Pambata)



Wait, did I mention jeepneys? Well, I don’t think I can ever call my ride a jeep! It’s something grander and old-fashioned. It sure did capture the attention of everyone! I was always traveling full and I was literally standing up already during my entire trips (I made 20 trips by the way)! LOOK!



My ride during the Pasinaya Festival


I felt like the captain of my very own ship! HAHA! It was exciting to be on board this big train like bus. LOL! I’m confused too. I really don’t know what to call this, but as I heard, it’s called a Trambia! It’s a tourist bus that goes around Intramuros, but for the purposes of the festival, it decided to travel outside the walls of the city.


Our manong driver was looking pretty cool too.





More than just my volunteering experience of course, I also had the privilege to witness some performances of different arts group in the Philippines. It was a showcase of talent and culture and it opened another door for me to explore and wander the world of arts here in our country. I was moved, swayed, touched, and brought to tears by the different performances I saw. How I wish I can do everything they all can, but as human as I can be, I can only do so little and I have to do it best. I had a whole day of fun! I got to meet familiar faces and shared the sweet success with everyone during the closing ceremonies.





The Pasinaya Festival 2014 was a giant success! We all made it again! I’m looking forward to the next season of this because I know it will be grander and bigger! I just hope though that we all still continue to support our very own despite all the modernizations happening in our world today. It feels so good to take a step back sometimes from the modern world and just enjoy a little treat for ourselves in witnessing what not everyone gets to see in their lifetime. We have great works of art and wonderful artists here in our country. They need us. They need our support even if it just be our simple applause or warm congratulations for a job well done!








I told this foreigner by the way to stand up inside the trambia so that he can fully experience Manila life. He had a blast! He thanked me. I didn’t understand what he said though coz he had difficulties speaking English. HAHA!


See you all! Mabuhay ang sining! Mabuhay ang kulturang Pilipino!



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