Michael Christian Martinez The Tropical Ice Prince

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Probably you already know him; the teenager who made a huge impact in the hearts of the Filipino people just recently when he represented our country to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I didn’t miss the chance to give him a warm welcome, that’s the least I could do for someone who gave our nation an indispensable pride. Plus, I’m a huge fan. When I say huge, I mean really, HUGE! Up to the point of crying and breaking down in public everytime I see him…



I never expected this to be phenomenal, but it was and it continues to be. Michael makes it look so easy on ice, but the difficulty of just standing up maintaining your balance and not moving is already one challenge not everyone gets to conquer. I know. I skated once and I was even dubbed as the “Happy Feet” of my coaches because my feett was dancing on its own without rhythm. Luckily though, I managed to perfect it and started gliding all the way. I even learned to do the breaks. Yeah, that’s one thing you’ll really enjoy when you already know how. Kaskas yelo as we call it!





Michael’s achievement was extraordinary. He didn’t win a medal in Sochi, but he won 90 million hearts! He gave the nation a new face in the world and it’s an extraordinary feat because we don’t have ice here in Southeast Asia. We have SM though and that’s what makes us a little weird. LOL! Kidding! But seriously, thank you SM for giving your all out support to a talent we never knew we had! Thank you to Hans Sy for keeping a close eye on the progress of Michael and for the Philippine Skating Union for tirelessly harnessing the gems of our nation! Everything wouldn’t be possible if you did not believe first. 🙂






We have a long way to go in this field, but we are getting there! More than our warm welcome and honor citations; the likes of Michael Christian Martinez, an olympian and our very own, needs our all out support! It’s just so heartbreaking that our government only steps in when there is already a much needed attention for PR purposes, but they were never there during the hardships and the struggles of our young dreamers! Well at least in this case or many more cases unknown to us. I feel like we have grown accustomed to it already that we retired from addressing this issue straight in the face, but we are again disproved today by one spirit who never faltered; by someone who never even thought of failing us even when the Philippine flag ignored his existence before. It’s not just Michael, there are at least a thousand more waiting for us to recognize and support them. We are wasting our talents. We are wasting dreams. We must do something about this. As one nation and as Filipinos under one God…




He is now famous. Girls (and gays) are literally going GAGA over him. That includes me. HAHA! I’m a HUGE fan and I keep on saying this because I can’t get over! I saw him perform live and my heart just melted. I even posted a status on Facebook about it and I’m sharing it with you here:


I’m crying. :'( Seriously I am. I had the once in a lifetime privilege today of witnessing a world class talent perform in front of me. As he was magically and skillfully conquering the ice today, the crowd went ballistic. We were separated by the glass wall and it wasn’t much of a bother. It kept him physically separated like he was in another dimension, but his gaze as he offered his performance to everyone cheering for him caught my eyes and made me sob a painful joy. Deep inside I was screaming and that moment became the best scream of my life.

I could not describe perfectly how it felt, but seeing Michael Christian Martinez wrapped in his world as he fancied his way thru the thick slab of icy floors made me wonder if I can ever be as great as him one day; not as a figure skater of course, but as a person just like he is today. He gracefully moved and there was an unknown force that pulled me towards him as if my heart longed for more. He is an inspiration, no, I mean, he became everyone’s wish.

I’ve witnessed today the best performance I’ve ever seen in my entire life live with my very own mortal eyes. My spirit yearned and my insides exploded. Michael Christian Martinez is truly a Filipino pride and a Filipina’s (me not included! Haha!) dream! He is just amazing! Wonderful! Brilliant! He is our pride! Let’s give him the warmest welcome he deserves!

Mabuhay ka Michael! Mabuhay ang atletang Pilipino! Pinaiyak mo ako! Super fan mode ako! Waaaah!


His humility is that of a 17 year old kid who just wanted to skate 10 years ago. I don’t even think he really wanted to be a figure skater or something of that sort, but the ice called him and he acknowledged that calling. He took it as a sign and he started building his dreams there. He wasn’t alone. His mom has always been with him from the very beginning. It was a team effort and I just have to give the biggest credit to the woman in her life who made this all possible!




Maria Teresa Martinez, the mother of our very own hero and *crush! HAHA! She is an amazing woman with a heart so big that it understood the world even when the odds are against them. You may have heard stories about how they managed to get Michael to undergo special training in the US, but please let it not cloud your thoughts. It’s something they shared to inspire people, not to tell them that they weren’t there in the beginning so what’s the point of sharing this glory with them now? No. It’s not like that. I have personally talked to her and her joy is overflowing because of how the Filipinos welcomed her son in their hearts… 🙂





As of this writing, Michael is already on his way back to the US to pursue further training under his Russian caoch, Illia Kulik. He will be competing in Bulgaria this March for another world title. Let’s wish Michael the best and let’s offer him all our prayers! 🙂



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