Milk and Coffee

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“Though it may not be the kind of love people would likely think of that you have for each other, what’s important there is that “you have each other”and it’s even more important than that love that people would likely expect to see from a relationship like yours of milk and coffee


It goes together, it always does, never can be separated, never can be apart, and never can live without the other. I guess sometimes there are some friendships that was destined to be sweeter than that of the usual scenario, sometimes maybe a little weird for people to understand; not that it holds romanticism but moreover surpassed its boundaries of being at one point at the same time, at the very moment, and at the very peak of each other’s differences. It really takes a lot to have this mutual understanding between another; another of which who would share your life with you not just as a friend, not just as a brother, but more than anything else incomprehensible than that of what we may know as humans; maybe it is destiny or maybe it something else more… knee walker central


“I’ve seen it with my own eyes, they’ve held each other tight; they were assuring one another that they would be alright and they would together continue the fight. Numbness embraced me, numbness of which I never felt before; they were not lovers, they were not brothers, they were not friends, but what can they be? It felt like my world collapsed, blanketed in the shadows of anonymity, my mind went blank I can’t explain a thing, they were there for each other and I know that no matter what happens, they will always be…”


There are things which are sometimes misinterpreted by the many few, things not common to the realm of our existence. Our eyes were made to make us see beautiful things, but stricken with what the human raise has conceived over generations past; all we see now are lies and battered truths of our individuality. I say that I’ve never seen such thing for over a thousand years, a bond of which not even lovers have, not even brothers have; a bond of which something greater has made. There is no logical explanation or reason to this doubt I’ve witnessed and sure enough I am intrigued with all the things happening, I want to know how it happened and when it happened; I want to know how even a lifetime of pain and sorrow would not break the bond apart, I want to know how it was possible for them not to fall in love but moreso have a relationship above any human understanding. I can also say that I am envious of whatever it is that I have witnessed, so envious of the fact that in this unfair world there exist a friendship not so known to many, not so known to me, but simply exists because they both exist and they both share more than just their lives with one another… What could be sweeter than this?


“It’s yet the perfect cup of coffee I’ve had in my entire life, the aroma so sweet and heavenly that not even my senses could comprehend. I don’t quite understand why this thing deludes me, is there really something more than this human life? More than this relationships and feeling we’ve come to know? Or something more just like what I’ve witnessed that completely blocked my thoughts away? If there is something more than romantic love that would make the world be a better place to live in, then what would it be?”


As inseparable as they seem to be, like milk and coffee they inspire me…




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