My Father Told Me

I am overjoyed and it flows all over my body. Today I had a conversation with God and everything changed…

I woke up this Saturday morning feeling very excited coz of my planned early morning walk at BGC. I went to S&R to grab myself some munchies and get my membership card as well, but before all that and even before I greeted myself a good morning; I decided to pray, sit back for a while in my comfortable bed and ask for my Father’s guidance. It was a very solemn moment and His answer was real quick… as always…




All things unraveled before me and I understood even more how the series of events in my life placed me where I am now…




It’s a fine Saturday morning, just like any other Saturdays of my week; only that, there were previous Saturdays (of October, November, and December) which I spent learning and rediscovering myself in the midst of all the battle cries of my fellow actors.


I got off the boat today, and my Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas family is one I’ll surely miss; not in a melodramatic mood, but in a very sincere and honest tone that will state how I have been helped by this family in finding out where my center really lies and that I am very grateful to have been part of something, of a family, worth spending time with every Saturday.






Way back in October, I asked Him that I’d be given a chance and I was. In December, it all started feeling empty inside which caused my depression and I asked Him again if He can enlighten me once more. I stumbled upon this.




The message was clear, but how it applies to my life isn’t. So I went to Him again for the nth time and as great as His love for me is, I was answered. I was promised a gift. That gift was given today.


So, sa lahat ng nakasama ko at naging espesyal na bahagi ng buhay ko sa TEDF, maraming maraming salamat po!


To Jm, Seven, Jerry, Gerry, Jj, Dr. Hana, and Laurent. Salamat sa pagiging tapat at totoo ninyo, hindi lang sa akin pero maging sa ibang taong nakakasalamuha ninyo. Nakita ko yun at alam kong malayo pa ang inyong mararating! Keep it up guys! Yan ang pinakamahalagang aspeto ng pagkatao. At siyempre, maraming salamat rin sa tiwalang ibinigay ninyo sa akin na lubos kong iingatan ang pagpapahalagahan. You guys became my ultimate Saturday reason and it would’ve been a different one for me if it weren’t for you. Here’s to more gala, inuman, and bonding moments for us!


Finally, of course, to that one person who believed in me and saw my passion burning since Day 1 of our journey. To the one who nurtured my talent and gave reality to my aspirations. To Direk, Cinemalaya 2013’s Best Supporting Actor, ang nag-iisang JOEY PARAS!




I joined TEATRO EXPEDICION DE FILIPINAS because I believed in you when I saw your performance in Babagwa. Ikaw ang puno’t-dulo ng lahat ng ito para sa akin dahil ikaw ang nakabihag ng tiwala at paninindigan ko sa kagustuhan kong maging isang mahusay na aktor! Maraming salamat Direk Joey. You are truly a blessing in my life…


My journey doesn’t end here, as a matter of fact ito pa lang ang simula ng tunay kong paglalakbay sa mundong pinili kong yakapin ng buong puso. This is the beginning of the life I have always wanted for myself and I am more than thankful for all the opportunities that came my way. Dahil sabi nga nila, lahat ng bagay at pangyayari ay may dahilan, minsan kelangan mo lang itong bigyan ng pansin at karampatang pagpapahalaga.


Today, my Father told me to get off the boat and swim. Today He told me that this is His gift to me and how I swim will matter in the coming days of my life. Today my Father told me also one very important thing to remember after the journey He gave me which I asked from Him as well in October;  He told me that I need not be afraid because He is always with me…


Happy. Thankful. Blessed. What more can I ask for? Let Thy Will be done!


Maraming salamat ulit sa lahat at hanggang sa susunod nating pagkikita sa entablado man o sa harap o likod ng kamera! Keep the passion burning guys!



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  • John James Corpuz

    Buti ini-stalk ko twitter mo at nabasa ko to. I almost cried :'( haha drama ko.

    • Haha! Thank you Jj! It’s a blessing knowing you! You’re a great person! See you soon again! 🙂