My Husband’s Lover

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I’ve lost faith in teleseryes (yes, even if some bida in some teleseryes are sometimes my friends in real life. I do not watch just to support, but I morally support them of course in their acting skills and passion, but the entirety of the show from its story line to its staging is left to my judgement). That’s what I always tell people everytime I find myself caught in a situation where everyone talks about what happened to Celine last night or to Margaux or to the aswangs and the new weapon of Juan Dela Cruz that came out of the bakal na krus. I mean, everything about these kind of prime time drama is just plain boring for me. It may be presented in different ways, different stories, different characters, but all about it is just a remake of the latter. The conflicts never change and the disturbances set forth by the people behind the camera followed a certain kind of rhythm which obviously is not that relevant anymore to the current time; to our society and to what we have become as liberated and free individuals. If I remember right going down memory lane, the last teleserye I really got hooked on was Marina (Kapamilya) and Encantadia (Kapuso). Admittedly so, they were the ones who pioneered a new breed of storytelling on Philippine TV or better known for as a “fantaserye.” It was the hit offering years back, but again, its glory didn’t last; explaining why not all fantasy series that succeeded it made it to the limelight.


In my own humble opinion as a viewer and as a self-proclaimed critic of shows like these, I can say that one of the most important ingredient in the formula for success of TV drama anthologies like these are their relevance to the most prevailing issues in our society today. And it may even sometimes need a little twist and a little out of the box comfort for the televiewers. It should be able to successfully drive out that ticklish emotion inside every person who watches it, that unexplained feeling of butterflies in your stomach which forces you to change channels, but stops you to do so as well because you just don’t want to miss anything. And yes, it must go against the norms. Gone are the days where slaps and more slaps excited the audience. Gone are the days when the “bida” is “kinakawawa.” And gone are the days when the “bida” and “kontrabida” are blood-related in some ways if not siblings. Our time now calls for something different and for something never been seen yet; something that explains the kind of success Please Be Careful With My Heart enjoys whose story revolves around the ‘amo,’ the ‘katulong,’ and their unconventional love affair. We do not bring this sensitive issue to the streets yet, but it is something that prevails in our society already long before the quirky witty Maya and the handsome rich Sir Chief first met in one of the ‘tulays’ in Manila…


Having said all that, GMA 7 now brings us another breed of teleserye in prime time entitled My Husband’s Lover. Much has been said and much has been written about it before it even aired on national TV last night on its pilot episode. I patiently waited for it! I watched it! 🙂 And I do commend the cast for being great performers and effective story tellers! Carla Abellana’s acting skills have greatly improved. Tom Rodriguez has matured to be a seasoned actor and of course all the others like Glydel Mercado who delivered her lines with conviction as a distressed mother with nothing to feed her two daughters if she does not become a ‘kabit’ or a ‘pokpok’ every night. It’s a medley of actors and actresses and their rhythms synced with each other well. It’s wonderful! The pilot episode was a success!


For the story per se, I do not have anything more to add to the write-ups so I already took the effort of sharing with you an article about it I saw on the PEP website. Hope you enjoy reading it! 🙂





Article source: PEP PH

What should a woman do if the man she loves is in love with another man as well?

This is the intriguing premise of GMA-7’s provocative drama series titled My Husband’s Lover.

Topbilled by Carla Abellana, Dennis Trillo and new Kapuso talent Tom Rodriguez, My Husband’s Lover aims to defy conventions of traditional drama soaps. In a release provided by GMA, it indicates that this show “aims to show that love is not defined by sexual preference and no matter how different it is from the love we know, it could still be equally pure, selfless and true.”

Completing the cast are Pancho Magno, Bettina Carlos, Karel Marquez, Kevin Santos with special participation of Glydel Mercado, Ms. Chanda Romero, Roi Vinzon and Ms. Kuh Ledesma.

In the series, Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) got his girlfriend Lally (Carla Abellana) pregnant while they were still in college. They decided to get married even if Vincent’s mother Elaine (Kuh Ledesma) was very much against it. Thus, Lally’s married life was never smooth-sailing because of Elaine. But because of her ove for her husband, Lally endured the hardships of dealing with her mother-in-law.

However, when Lally got pregnant with their second child, Vincent suddenly became distant and cold towards her. Lally felt that Vincent was being unfair to her so she decided to leave together with their children.

Vincent loves their kids so much so he tried to win back his wife by proposing and by getting married with a blessing from the church.

Lally and Vincent’s married life improved after the church wedding. But unknown to Lally, Vincent is keeping a secret from her–a secret that he has been hiding ever since he was young.

He is a closet gay.

Vincent has kept this secret hidden for so long, afraid that he’ll destroy his family.

However, everything changes when Vincent crosses paths again with Eric (Dennis Trillo). Eric was and still is Vincent’s great love.

Unlike Vincent, Eric is openly gay and he is still in love with Vincent as well. Because of their strong feelings for each other, they started having an affair.

Vincent tries to hide the affair from Lally by showering her with gifts and attention. However, Lally’s intuition tells her that something is wrong even though everything in her married life seems fine. She started to investigate until she discovers Vincent’s darkest secret.

Will Lally give up on her husband or will she fight for their marriage? Will Vincent choose Eric over his family or will he stay with his wife and children?

Directed by Dominic Zapata with an original concept by Suzette Doctolero, My Husband’s Lover shows a different kind of love triangle that will tackle acceptance, forgiveness and real love as it aims to redefine the concept of marriage.




My Husband’s Lover is aired after Mundo Mo’y Akin on the prime time block of the Kapuso network.


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