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Okay you guys, I know I owe you an explanation for being completely M-I-A these past weeks, but I needed to save on blues junior at guitar center and I’m sure you would understand coz as you all know I always have a valid-not-so-valid-but-valid-anyway reason! HAHA! Kidding! It’s just that I became helplessly lazy actually to write anything and I’ve been into some roller coaster of emotions when I got back from my 2 week long vacation. Anyways. I’m baaaaaaaaack! That’s what is important and I’m here again to share with you one thing or let’s say one opportunity that knocked on my door lately. 🙂




Yes, another one of it. I know the word itself sounds so stressful already even if I haven’t really started talking about it yet. But this one’s kinda different. Believe me. I say this is the future while others may see it as another load to carry. Passion dictates it for me, I’m always fond of marrying innovation and technology and if and when someone or some stranger does it in an AMAZEBAWLZ way, I tend to cling to it and believe that it would work and that it would set a new trend in the global marketplace. I’m pretty much sure you already know what I’m talking about somehow, this is the “geek” side of me talking. Well, moving on, let me start by asking you a question:


How would you feel if you can stay home all day and earn money just like regular office employees?


No, I’m not talking about blogging (which btw earns me nothing) or any on-line scam that you have in mind. I’m talking about real work with actual output and with a real employer. I’m talking about extra income, a hard-earned one that is very doable and possible. I’m talking about opportunity. I’m talking about growth and well-roundedness. I’m talking about you being able to interact and show your talent to the world without limits. I’m talking about you, sitting in front of your computer, playing with your kids, at HOME, and waiting for your earnings to come through week after week. I’m talking about the future of jobs and the changes it will inflict upon us in all aspect of our lives.



Before anything else, let it be clear that I’m not a marketing guy of some sort hired by oDesk and paid a couple million dollars, but I’m simply rather a user of the platform and let’s just say one of those people who truly believes in the genius behind this idea. Have you heard of oDesk? If not, let me tell you what it is.



And before you lose interest in reading along, imagine that card to have your name on it and account balances amounting to a couple thousand dollars. Yes, $$$$ USD $$$$!


Our Story

In 2002, Odysseas Tsatalos was getting a Silicon Valley startup off the ground and wanted to collaborate with his friend Stratis Karamanlakis, an expert engineer. The only problem was that Stratis lived in Greece, and working with someone half a world away was pretty much unheard of at the time.

So they did what any enterprising tech-heads would do—they created a digital platform that would allow them to work together remotely. And that’s how oDesk began.

Through this experience, Odysseas and Stratis came to believe that online work would be the cornerstone of an emerging global meritocracy, one where businesses and contractors would benefit equally from technology-driven work opportunities.




In simple words, oDesk enables work to happen! Legit work! It is a platform that manages workplaces and groups; employers and contractors, making it possible for both to have a fair share of what they ought to get from the relationship. Today,  in the growing and ever changing world, we are more inclined to make use of our valuable time; spend it with people we love the most and important to us. The world is fast moving. No matter how we try our best to give time to people so dear to us, it’s just never enough nowadays. We are starting to grow apart. Our personal relationships start to fail and productivity in the workplace on premise begins to take on a slow decline.  It’s time for a change.


This is where oDesk comes into play. One of the pros of technology and one of the most brilliant idea ever conceived. Now, people can actually WORK AT HOME! And this is not some network multi-level-marketing shit that promises you nothing but money. This is actual work brought up in the virtual world. You don’t have to wake up early everyday anymore, you don’t have to make-up missed times with your family, with your kids; and you never actually have to leave home. an 8AM – 5PM or 9AM – 6PM work sched is a thing of the past! in oDesk, you get to apply for jobs specific to your skill set and as long as you can deliver, you can have any number of jobs you want. No limits. Here, they are the very first to implement the ‘an-hour-worked-is-an-hour-billed – an-hour-billed-is-an-hour-paid-‘ system where your payment is guaranteed by oDesk even if your employer fails to do his part. There is an application called the oDesk Team Room that tracks your work, logs it in the system, and serves as a record/proof of your work. You don’t have to worry anymore about getting scammed or getting to do the work without getting paid. Mind you, this is just one thing among all other benefits of this platform, if you’re really interested, you can go drop by and find out more about it.


I personally have a million things to say about oDesk, but let me not influence your judgments. I wrote this blog for the purpose of sharing with you an opportunity to earn even if you’re just at home. Like me for an instance, I’m one lazy guy and there’s nothing sweeter for me than doing my work while laying on my bed or getting jumpy on the couch, it’s an ideal scenario, but of course I’m not that potato. I still have my day job and I don’t have plans of giving it up, my oDesk thing is just additional income for me to answer for my lavish lifestyle. I don’t know how long or how far I’m going with this, but as far as I am concerned, someday soon we will all be at home; sitting in front of our computer screens earning a living while our kids are running around playing in our bedroom floors. I’m a user turned advocate, there’s nothing wrong in trying. Go visit now and sign-up. Start working. Get your shits together. Be rich. Live rich. Have all the time in the world for yourself and for your family.

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  • Hi, I am just a typical working mother that wishes to augment my income and trying to find ways and means to have it done.I guess this so called ODesk would give me such opportunity to have the realization of my dreams that is to have financial freedom because my present work seems to be getting me in financial crisis that is due to the continuous price hike of almost everything.

    • Yes, it definitely will given enough patience and determination. The tool is in place to help you achieve your financial goals, but you have also to do your part of course in the process. Good luck and keep the spirits up! 🙂