One Direction This Is Us





I hate to admit that, but YEAH! I think I pretty much am! Too much even…


Yesterday, as I was bored by the circumstance of meeting my client at 7PM in Ortigas, I decided to spend some quality me time first in Robinson’s Galleria. My original plan was to continue reading the book, The Giver by Lois Lowry at Starbucks, but then it occurred to me that One Direction’s movie, This Is Us is still being shown in the cinemas. I hurriedly checked the available screening time and somehow (just kinda) prayed that it would fit perfectly on my schedule.


God is good. All the time. God is good.


It was such a pleasant surprise finding the perfect time for me to watch it without worrying of how fast I should be running to my client’s office after the showing! I kinda got giddy all over coz of my excitement to witness the life of these boys on the road and of course to see them as well being the normal regular young men they are off stage.





At first I was fan girling (well… until the end actually) all over them because of how cute they are and how gay I felt inside the cinema which was by the way all mine to enjoy (yes, I was literally alone inside the cinema to watch it!). But eventually, as the movie progressed, little by little I was drawn into the screen and actually felt like I was there, with them… Hearing the screams of the fans live at that very exact moment. It felt good, no, it felt wonderful… Yes… It was wonderful… 🙂 cheap gator bass guitar cases at m123




One Direction This Is Us is so far the best documentary/life on the road movie I’ve ever seen! It covers all aspects of life of these young men making its audience feel the way they want us to feel about them; that they are people simply like us, normal human beings, only armed with an extraordinary responsibility to their fans and that without the millions of’em screaming everytime they perform, they are absolutely and completely nothing…


I loved also how the individual lives of the boys here were covered. Showing their family and their humble beginnings as normal teenagers doing what they do best, singing. It was overflowing with humility. It was very touching…





One Direction has conquered the world by storm and without a doubt, they are one of the greatest groups to have ever been formed in this generation. Nothing happens by accident; neither does the meeting of these five different lives in one show. They are meant to be. You’ll just know it when you see the movie. 🙂






And more than their overrated cuteness, these boys are also of pure talent (in singing, because they are horrible dancers as they claim to be). They have good songs and they know good music. No one can ever duplicate or even at least come close to their thing.




I personally enjoy listening to their sounds. To name a few of my favorites: What Makes You Beautiful, The Little Things, Live While We’re Young and Taken. I cannot fully explain my heart’s akimbo as it twitches back and forth to the tune of their music and the comfort I find in their voices. It’s just ecstatic. I learned to love the boys of 1D in a whole lot different way!




Harry Styles

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Liam Payne


Louie Tomlinson

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

I enjoyed the movie! That’s all I can say! I loved it in so many ways aside from me being a HUGE fan of One Direction! It’s more than that. And I don’t plan of making a review because thinking about it all over again clouds my mind again. It makes me wanna cry, scream, laugh and roll. So please, this is not a review! This is how I feel!!!


And finally, to cap it off, I would like to share with you a summary of what happened to me in the cinema yesterday which is quite embarrassing, but is something that I also do not regret! 😛




Yes, the guard on duty just told me how loud my screams were inside! I DON’T CARE!!!




ok, I have seriously have to STAHP! now! HAHA!


See you on my next post! Please? 😛





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