Out Loud

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I’ve never been so frightened in my life; I got up from my bed, woke up my mother and asked her to stay with me in my room.


It’s 3AM when I checked my phone, the city’s noise was silenced by the loud roars of the heavens as if gods were fighting mercilessly above. The air is cold, I am all alone in my dark room only lit up by the light of the street lamp peeking through my frosted glass window. At first I thought I was having a bad dream, a nightmare which I cannot escape. I checked again; pinched my face and slapped it over and over just to make sure I’m wide awake back in the realm I knew so well existed. I wasn’t quite sure what to feel exactly. I slowed down my breathing until I can hear it no more, I listened to my heart beat racing so fast pounding my chest as if it wanted to break free. I’ve never been so scared in my life.


The roaring continued bringing shivers across my spine everytime it hits the earth. From then on I knew that it’s going to spell trouble when the sun shines in the morning or if ever its rays would still reach our land and scorch it with its warmth. I couldn’t care less anymore. I just wanted it to stop. I wanted it to go away before I can even hold my fear no more, weep, and breakdown. The sound of thunder has gotten into me. It paralyzed my senses that even the mere darkness of my dim lit room turned out to be a disadvantage to my failing sanity.




The Philippines is again a pull out waste container facing another wrath of nature. I can only pray for the safety of everyone as of the moment, watch the news, and sympathize with my kababayans. I technically feel useless as if commanded by the gushing winds to stay home. The loudness of the thunder terrified me; my courage shrank, my strength is drained, but my faith got stronger. I woke up a few hours after falling back into sleep taking comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my house. I opened the tv set in all hopes that I would still hear good news despite the bad night we all experienced. It was devastating, let alone another rendezvous with a crippling calamity that will again test our resilience as a nation. Luckily for my mother and I, we were safe inside the comfort of our home complete with all the necessities that somehow makes life still comfortable.


I thought out loud to myself, a reflection I cannot dodge; the loudness scared me like a baby holding back his tears when he hears a threatening sound whether it be coming from his father’s manly voice or the fireworks at new year’s eve. We are all scared when life starts exposing us, our fears, and our dispositions. We will never find comfort in the loudness of things because this will always mean danger to us. We will often times find ourselves running back to the comfort of knowing that we are not alone and that someone who unconditionally loves us is just sitting around everytime we need them. In this case it was my mother as it has always been for me. 🙂


Keep safe and stay dry everyone! God bless the Philippines!



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