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Lately, I’ve been literally going G-A-G-A over this man whom I really think to be more than just his pretty face and mouth watering physique. I’m not sure if many or any of you would even agree with me, but still, I wanna convince you.



Not yet convinced? HAHAHA! 🙂


So this is him with birthstone rings for mothers, Markki Stroem! As I’ve always been saying on my tweets, he’s the next person on my list of idols after Ferdinand Marcos and so far the last! To tell you honestly, I’m not that typical screaming-yelling-cheap-sounding fan you see in malls when it comes to celebrities or famous people. In fact, Jollibee even made me scream more back then when I was a child because I find him monstrous and the-all-so-gay-overlord bee – tch. Believe it or not, I ‘was’ homophobic! HAHA! But this is not what we’re talking about right now. We’re talking about my idol and how proud I am to call myself a fan, and yes, that kind you see in malls screaming their hearts out until they run out of air and collapse like an over exaggerated chicken who just happened to find love in a hooker’s place! =))


I dressed him up a bit to avoid any distractions. This time, let’s get to know him more:


Full Name: Marcello Angelo Ledesma Stroem (I’m Ely Concord Ledesma Delos Santos III, see the connection? HAHA!)

Height: 5’11

Weight: 155lbs

Age: 24

Birth date: March 21

Zodiac Sign: Aries

T-shirt: Medium

Briefs: Medium

Shoes: 11 (do the math, if you know what I mean! =)) —> (shoesize/2) + 1 = SIZEMATTERS! LOL!)

Relationship Status: Single, but waiting for me. HAHA! Kidding! =))

Course: Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality and Marketing Management

School: Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland = #2 in the world for Hospitality Management



Now let’s undress him again. HAHA! Moving forward with my so overwhelming over the top admiration for this artist, Markki is not just your typical hot good looking everyone’s fantasy kind of guy. He is of pure substance, a musical genius and a (sorry for the term) GEEK! He writes his own song and composes his own music and even directs his own MVs, not only that, he’s also the actor on all those! He’s one complete package dressed and undressed several times only revealing over and over again the brilliance that he is!



Can you imagine how lucky that dog is being able to swim with Markki? LOL! #INGGIT haha! This pic was taken by Andrew Pamorada for the Star Studio mag feature of Markki and even so, even if this was done with utmost professionalism, I’m still wishing that I was the photographer if not the dog in this pic who’s so lucky enough to want me replace him. =))



He was actually staring and smiling at me in there (HOW I WISH!), seriously! Nahhh, I’m kidding! but yeah, I was there, at least in my wishes. HAHA! Moving on moving on moving on, for the benefit of you knowing Markki more, I have included here some questions asked by Ricky Lo to Markki in his Body Talk article in the Star!


Do you smoke?

“I don’t.”

Do you drink?

“A bit. In college, I took up Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM). I had to sample drinks.”

How much water do you take per day?

“Oh, a lot! That’s plain water, in addition to the green tea.”

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

“My respiratory system, perhaps. I’m allergic to dust and pollution and to cigarette smoke. I sneeze a lot; my head tends to hurt and I get rashes all over my body.”

What part of your body is your favorite?

“My hands. They are pretty long. The good thing about having long hands is that you are able to do a lot more things. You can play the piano better. And you have a farther reach.”

What part of a girl’s body do you notice first?

“Her eyes, because you can get something from them. I like girls who are sporty.”

And what kind turns you off?

“Giggly girls.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“Eight to 10 hours, or longer.”

Favorite sleepwear?

“A shirt and shorts. I don’t want to catch a cold.”

What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“I put the TV on and watch local shows because I’m trying to polish my Tagalog. That’s what I usually do before I go to sleep.”

And the first thing that you do when you wake up?

“I eat a bowl of cereals. I do push-ups, and run up and down the stairs in my condo. My housemates (a couple) are leaving soon and I’ll be living alone.”

How do you cope with stress?

“I exercise.”

Do you have a nightlife?

“To be honest? No! Sometimes, I go out with friends but I can be boring because I don’t drink so much. I don’t enjoy partying.”

How’s your love life? Do you have a girlfriend?

“At the moment, no, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m just busy enjoying this acting thing. You know how girlfriends are…they want your attention all the time. So I decided not to concentrate on that at present and concentrate instead on my career.”

Does it follow that if you don’t have a love life, you don’t have a sex life?

“No. But to be honest with you, because of the rehearsals for the play, I get so tired that when I get home all I want is just to fall asleep. I have had three girlfriends so far and that’s enough for the moment. Maybe I’ll have one when the time is right.”

Name three women that you think know how to take care of their body.

“Angelina Jolie. Anne Curtis. Bea Alonzo.”

And three men that you think have nice bodies.

“Brad Pitt is one of them. I can ‘t think of two more.”

Using only body language, how would you make a girl know that you admire her?

“I just look at her and try to catch her eyes.”


Nuff said! So there you go, the man that he is! I’m his biggest fan I guess, figuratively and literally! HAHA! I hope you catch Markki in one his shows and you’ll understand everything I said here even more. Don’t just enjoy pics of him without anything, I mean pics like this:



you get what i mean? now STOP STARING! it’s not going any lower! HAHA! Admire the man as well that I see in him, the talent and his true mastery of the art which makes him on top of his race in this generation. Don’t just scream and waste your voices on people who ‘just-looks-good’ and appear shitty when performing, spend your time to paparazzi worthy people. Give them all the support they need, after all, at the end of the day, it’s work and arts for them and entertainment for us all! 🙂



Not to brag about it, but but but HE’s FOLLOWING ME on Twitter! HAHAHA!


OMG! OMG! OMG! Pero talo pa rin ako kay DRAKE! =))



HAHAHA! Ciao-chow guys! Arf! arf! Please feel free to leave a comment on this post! =))



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  • Nice very detailed.. I’m not really into the kind of music that markki makes the jazzy soulful type more on metallica but when i heard his rendentions of the irritating songs o call me maybe, toxic and his own composed songs like the thousands of pieces wow.. he changed my view of the genre i listen to. I’m now starting to like wait correct me if im wrong starting to love it. and i’m becoming one of his fans not only because he’s “hot” but because of his artistic talents in writing and his cold “lamig” voice. 🙂 and now im a fan haha

    • same here! HAHA! Well if you get to meet him personally, you’ll admire him even more. 🙂 GO MARKKI!