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Save the earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.


True isn’t it? 🙂


Over the past few months, I have been obsessing with this little cozy place at Paseo de Magallanes that serves incy wincy pieces of heaven in every single bite. There’s nothing really special about my discovery of this place, it’s not like a genie of some sort brought me here; I’m a regular at Paseo, it’s the place where I usually dream about all the craziness I could ever think of in life, but never did I even think of going inside Park Avenue before, until…

OMFG!!! ASDSFGHJK!?!?!?? =)) I SAW ALL THESE! And yes, believe me, they don’t just look good, they taste absolutely amazing! Nothing can compare!

They also have a variety of menu to choose from. Well, it’s a dessert place of course, but that doesn’t mean everything here comes with sugar and cream. 🙂 Their food is just as good as their desserts!

And oh, look! Look at their chocolates! 😀 Made from pure Belgian bars shaped into fancy majhong tiles, mini Eiffel towers, and skulls which really gives me a creep. HAHA! This stuff melts pretty good in your mouth though. YUM!

There walls are decorated with these writings arranged in a very fun way that makes you tilt your head from side to side. Just right if you’re trying to enjoyably munch the goodness in every bite of their desserts and gourmet food! 😀

There tables are decorated with this cute topper that looks like something that came from fantasy world or from some anime world of some sort. =)) It’s a perfect decor though so as long as you don’t mistake the flowers for a cake candy. HAHA!

And if you’re done and completely satisfied (which I doubt you ever will be) you can also take some goodness at home to share with your family or bring as a pasalubong to your friends! It’s always a good habit to recommend places as good as this to your circle, well, to help of course the business and sometimes to just simply spread the good news which you happened to discover yourself!

and MORE!!! I personally love the brownies which has chocolate bits inside it! I usually refrigerate it first coz I’m really not a fan of melted chocolate. 🙂

They have one of the best tasting macaroons I’ve ever tasted too! The one you see though on the pic above is just for display purposes, they don’t serve it like that. =))

And before you even think of giving the staffs here your pilit-English and boss around; this place is self service baby! Yes! You have to go to the counter and order the food you like and pay for it immediately! It’s not a fine dining place, but sure it’ll cater to your all-the-time-wanted ambiance! 🙂

Finally. The price. Yes people, the price is just right! =)) It’s not that expensive and it’s not that cheap either for the quality of all their goodies served. Every bite is worth your penny! ANG SARAP! 🙂


So the next time you pass by or if you have the time to pass by Paseo de Magallanes, please be sure to pay this place a visit and see for yourself what I’m talking about in here! 🙂 It’s just something you can’t resist! Believe me! 🙂


Happy eating guys! Buon apettito!




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