Personal Injury: NOT TAXABLE!

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This tip is very useful for insurance policy holders like me. I recently ventured into my so-called “baby investment” when I signed up for an insurance policy with Sun Life of Canada. It’s something I dove my thoughts into because getting one for yourself will technically change the way you see your future. It was something I got out of the fact that I need it, let alone the risks involved.

I was skimming through the internet today and I happen to stumble upon this infographic which tells me that I have no obligations to the government on whatever settlement be given to me on the event of a ‘valid’ personal injury. For you to better appreciate it, you can visit the wiki page of it and understand it better. You can also drop by this blog post to know how much it would be worth to defend your case on the merits of Personal Injury. These sites will be very helpful most especially if you have an existing insurance policy which you haven’t explored fully yet.

It is our right to enjoy all these benefits without any further damage to us. We are governed by our rights and we must stand by it whatever happens. It is very helpful if we get legal advise should we face such circumstance in our life (hopefully not) someday. Know your rights and know how you can work your way around without being oppressed! Know more about your investments and know your way around every challenge that involves the government!

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