A Purok 7 Kind of Life

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Director: Carlo Obispo

Cast: Krystle Valentino, Miggs Cuaderno, Arnold Reyes, Angeli Bayani, Julian Trono

Competition: New Breed

Rating: 5/5


How I wish they were my siblings, Diana (Krystle Valentino) and Julian (Miggs Cuaderno); this is the very first thing that came into my mind in the first few scenes of the movie and in that very instant I already knew that it’s gonna be my favorite…


Purok 7 is the story of Diana and Julian who lived a life of their own at a very young age. Their mother left them to work overseas and their father on the other hand already had a new wife. Diana, being the older sister was forced to earn a living and look after her younger brother while looking forward to the return of their mother. The story was presented in a very simple way and there were no heavy dramas all throughout the film. It was a very light emotional load for everyone who watched.


The setting of the movie is in the province where the way of life is very laid back simple. It’s the kind where everyone gets less of their burdens because there are always people around ready to help and reach out. The feel of the provincial life was successfully presented and channeled by Direk Carlo; it was magically pulling you inside the screens to experience the simplicity and peace that the people in that small town (Purok) experience in their everyday lives.


The kilig moments of Diana and Jeremy (Julian Trono) is also something to look out for. It’s insertion in the film is very effective that it made everyone giggle and wished them all the best together. I personally feel that this tandem between the two young stars became very effective because of its psychological subtext where a not-so-pretty-girl had a huge crush on a really handsome-cute-guy. I may be right or may be wrong about this, but I think it simply translates to a stage in a young girl’s life (puberty) where she feels so insecure about how she looks and that the boy of her dreams is the most handsome creature that ever lived.


And finally, Julian, Diana’s younger brother who was portrayed by Miggs Cuaderno. He was very effective in his role and he carried out his character well enough as an innocent child who wishes for nothing more than fried chicken for dinner. It’s funny, but I somehow wished he’d be my real life brother. His innocence in the film is something that I can say, carried the whole emotional warmness of it all. He is that typical ‘makulit’ young kid who doesn’t have any woes and wants in life, but he is also the kind that never forgets to care and admire the people who loves him and makes him feel important in the absence of his parents. He’s the kind that doesn’t question or hate. He is actually the one who weaved all the stories together and made the whole concept of ‘family’ possible for everyone to realize…


with my new favorite child star, Miggs Cuaderno who played the role of Julian!

with my new favorite child star, Miggs Cuaderno who played the role of Julian!


Me and my favorite director, Carlo Obispo

Me and my favorite director, Carlo Obispo


Everything about the film is commendable; from the shots, texture, and color on the technical aspect up to its cinematography and screenplay. Carlo Obispo surely did a wonderful job it would make you wish for a Purok 7 kind of life!

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  • Carlo Obispo

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