What Do You Do?

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I’m young, so young that if I tell you my age you might get offended, nevertheless; let me share a little of my maturity with you (if ever you find any).


My name is Ely and I live in one of the suburbs of Makati as of the moment, I am a Systems and Software Engineering graduate and currently living my life as an aspiring writer/actor/performer/director and soon-to-be the next comedy king; and all these I owe to my degree in Computer Science.




Let me tell you a quick story about how I ended up in the world of: System.out.printf(“Hello World!”);


When I finished highschool in 2006, I was already an established campus journalist. I was the best writer in our school back then. My friends, teachers, and family expected me of course to pursue a degree related to what I do best, writing, but because of the pressure I felt and the early realization that Journalism or Political Science would bore me to life and spoil my college experience; I decided to take up something unconventional (well at least for me and my family).


I enrolled myself in a course which I literally know nothing about and something which my family has no idea of either; Computer Science. It was my style of getting away with what I thought to be unnecessary stresses coming from my kin. I didn’t want them to intervene with my life, I just wanted them to support me and this was the only way; to study something which none of them is knowledgeable about.


I was successful in my chosen path, but writing never left me. My desire to put in words the beauty of this world just became stronger that it eventually evolved to become kinesthetic. And instead of getting myself lost in the circus of things, I used this circumstance to my advantage.


I can say that Computer Science helped me a lot to realize and fully appreciate the fire that has always been burning inside of me or passion as what people would call it. It molded me to become radical in all things that I do, set aside my emotions giving way for perfect timings to be realized…


Today, 3 years after my graduation, I am now seeing the path ahead. Looking back to what I’ve been through all these years, I can truly say that everything happens for a reason; as long as you are open for the changes that might be required along the way, your stand in life will just get better and better each passing day. Never let go of your dreams, know what you really want to do and do everything to achieve it! There are no shortcuts, don’t believe anyone who says it exists. It’s always hardwork, patience, and determination that will bring you to the winning edge of ‘that’ something you know you’re good and love doing! 🙂


I am sharing with you right now an article I read from Rappler about how you can pursue your passion in 7 daring ways! It was beautifully written by Lianne Laroya (follow her on Twitter), a nursing graduate who pretty much had the same experience as I did. I hope that this will inspire you even more and enlighten you in your chosen careers!


Have fun reading guys! See you again in my next post! I deserve a silver bar at goldeneagle for this post! 🙂



7 daring ways to pursue your passion




Manila, Philippines – A is for awkward

Family reunions are terribly awkward for me. I don’t know about you, but hearing my relatives ask me repetitive questions like if I’ve gained weight or if I’ve finally started to exercise bothers me no end.

Even if these questions are bothersome, at least I can still hold myself together. I can’t say the same for this One Question, though. This One Question that reduces me to a stuttering penguin – this One Question that is so confusing to me and makes family reunions even more awkward for me:

“So, what do you do again?”

“What do you do?” is such a weird question for me because I simply can’t find the best answer to it.


Read full article here: www.rappler.com/life-and-style/33717-7-daring-ways-to-pursue-your-passion


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