There’s Something About The Rain

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There’s something about the rain that talks to me, it’s as if every raindrop that falls to the ground calls my name saying something that brings back memories from the past. It’s been quite a while now since I last wrote something, my life as always has been through a lot of ups and downs already; some of which I may no longer even recall. Definitely though, I am still one happy crazy fellow; laughter never left and happiness is a thousand steps closer now (I hope). But then there’s really something about the rain that reminds me of everything else, everything I’ve been through, and everything I’ve been through with. Oh again, those people, yes, them… Countless raindrops, countless memories, countless moments, and it just keeps pouring…


Have you ever had that moment in your life when you just feel like looking up in the sky and search for answers to all your questions when suddenly a single raindrop falls in your eye?


It’s at this very instance, the same shade of grey that I tried looking for answers and found it at every droplets falling from the sad sky above me; what I have become, where I am now, who I am with, why are all these things happening. It’s simply like the rain… life… my life… This led to my realization and understanding of things, why there are thunders and lightings, why thunder follows only after a lightning, and why there is nothing at all without rain. To me, it’s a wakeup call. Nature’s very own alarm clock. Everytime it pours, it means a lot to me; a new life before the day ends, a new beginning even before the sun peaks out again; all in its natural way, all in its order.


I’m thinking of certain people, those whom I care about the most and those whom I’ve had a fair share of my life with before… Lately, I’ve been filled with emptiness, I’ve been running around in circles, I’ve been lost, confused, and absolutely clueless of what’s coming next. It never was enough and never will be I told myself, knowing what went wrong and trying to patch things up with my own hands. It will never be the same again.


When the skies light up, lined with patterns so beautiful to the human eyes, a loud roar follows; frightening and chilling. It gets to your very existence as if scolding you of what you’ve done. It dires you of the coming pains and prepares you for battle. Only the strong shall prevail given their strength and weakness. Life to me is as simple as that, I never got away with whatever that was meant to come but I’ve always been prepared. I have lost a few, but those are worth the millions that I have and will be getting them back in one way or another. There’s something about the rain that tells me to wait, it tells me not to ask for the thunder but rather enjoy the beautiful sight of lightning, it tells me not to ask for winds that can blow me away but rather enjoy the comfort of the cold breeze it bring, and it tells me to prepare for everything else coming because when it starts raining, it will pour…


There’s something about the rain that holds my secret to life; something about it that you too I hope would realize…


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