Senyora, Live More Ka Talaga Dahil Ngayon, Abot Mo Na Ang Mundo

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This post does not mean that I am against any of the entities mentioned hereafter. @Senyora is merely a tool here of the unethical and malevolent practice of whoever devil that is behind his tweets which are obviously sponsored and paid by the parties she represent.



It is already apparent that social media has changed the game of promotions and advertising in our country; it being an alternative means to reach out to the market is actually the trend nowadays. Aside from being cost-effective, social media also lessens the hassle for companies to do the extra nitty gritty of things, like securing government permits and making sure that their ad violates no rules set forth by several governing bodies.


Today, one of the most powerful and most effective tool to aid a company’s advertising effort is the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. It is customary for many to make their products and/or promos trend in the said site before they can consider it a successful campaign. And what better way to do this than to use social media influencers (no, not even the bloggers anymore) or as we call it now, TWITTER SENSATIONS to do the magic trick. Yes, it is the age of online sikats in our country and also the age where ethics died along with culture.




Twitter sensations/Twitter sikats being mostly part of the younger generation. They are usually the kids (13yrs old to 19yrs old) so immersed in social media that they are able to bring out their “true characters” online which majority of those who are also into it easily adapts. They often become humor characters on Twitter in an entirely different persona which they sometimes parodize. Now, because of their garnered fame and the number of followers (it’s a numbers game) they have, they are targeted by businesses and/or individuals whose business line is advertising and promotions to work (tweet) for them. More often than not they are used as tools and not as individuals with their own identity trying to enjoy their sovereign right to entertainment. They are absorbed by the system; exploited, if I may, in the business of influencer marketing without them knowing the pros and cons, the values, ethics, and proper discipline needed to move forward. They are not aware of the backbites of their actions today and aside from that; they fail to keep in mind one of the most crucial knowledge in life each and everyone of us must have, THE KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING OF HOW small THE world REALLY IS.


It’s not about the money.




-take in mind Senyora


@Senyora started as @DonyaAngelica on Twitter. She became famous for her Facundo (servant) jokes. She is a parody account and her character was taken from an old telenovela, Marimar, which aired on Philippine TV back when I still thought I was straight. She honestly gave me a good laugh, in fact, I even tried to mimic her at some point in my tweets, but that’s only as far as I can go. She was the talk of the town and the administrator of the account was even featured in one of the shows in a major network. But my admiration for her didn’t last long when I started seeing sponsored posts coming out of her timeline. SHE WAS BOUGHT! DONYA ANGELICA SANTIBANEZ became just another “bayaran” of an entity who wants to be ahead of the game in the new era of advertising; sans ethics, sans discretion, and sans respect…



see her tweets below for one of the major TELCO provider in the country:






This is a promotional campaign where she was obviously hired to tweet about. It’s not anything against any rule or social norm because this is purely natural (monetization), an obviously paid move for Senyora. I’m really not quite sure though if the account was fully acquired by the “the” agency or if the owner is still the same and he is just paid on a per campaign basis. Moving forward, this is still not what irks me.


Lately, it has came upon the know of many that @Senyora already switched. The term as used is “NAGBALIK LOOB” and I just find it funny. After everything that transpired before with all the tweets and the PANINIRA, it seems like nothing happened at all when @Senyora was still the Facundo of the competitor.




Now we see these kind of tweets:


globe balik loob




And this is all because of what?





The competitor is now Senyora’s latest client! Done deal! Money at hand. No more questions. My family is fed. I don’t care.



But wait…


Senyora, what happened to what you said before about the previous company who gave you money to maintain your Facundo and lavish Twitter lifestyle?





What happened now to the pang-mayaman simcard? Is it pang hampaslupa already now? Where’s your CREDIBILITY? How about LOYALTY? Or at least your ethical stand point on the matter knowing that your previous company served is a DIRECT AND MAJOR COMPETITOR of the one you’re representing now?! NASAAN YUN SENYORA!? P***ANG INA ANSWER ME! Facundo! Ireport sa NBI yang amo mo!


Or do you even understand all these? After all Senyora, what are you if not but a kid who got blinded with the fat(?) paycheck you get?


Now I have some more questions for you to answer and I hope you don’t take this personally:







I may have used @Senyora as an example, but this post goes out to everyone who wishes to earn from what they do best as well. Again, earning is not a bad thing and I highly encourage you to do so when there is an opportunity for it. We cannot be choosers in this game really as we all need something to keep our wheels turning, but I hope this won’t corrupt the young generation today. I hope that the opportunistic minds of the ancients will not only think of themselves and the future of their businesses, but will also take into serious consideration the learning they impart on the youth. I hope that this selfish endeavor will not ruin the future of this country and will not instill in the minds of young people the unethical practices fully exercised by these entities without discretion. I hope we will not be Facundos of other people; that we grow bones and stand for what we believe in because after all things being said and done; the world isn’t just entirely about money…


This ire me so much because of how simple and unconscious it drives out the values from the youth. No modesty nor a little bit of respect at all; not to mention at least their gratitude to the entity or the person who trusted them well enough before. Utang na loob as we call it, if uso pa ito ngayon…



FACUNDO! gumising ka! Magpatubo ng buto at magkaroon ng paninindigan!




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