She’s Dating The Gangster

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WOW! I’m a very vocal and proud fan of the loveteam, but this movie just went beyond my expectations and describing me as a fan after watching is not enough. I have to give credit to the beautifully weaved story and I salute Bianca Bernardino for her brilliance in making this happen! I still can’t get over it and to tell you honestly, I’m gonna watch it again for who knows how many more times!


It’s the best KathNiel movie so far for me and Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina gave justice to it!




Today is a really bad day for the Philippines, we just experienced the wrath of Typhoon Glenda and I empathize with our greatly affected kababayans. I’m one lucky person to be housed in a safe place and aside from the discomfort of temporarily losing MERALCO’s power supply, the typhoon didn’t pretty much harm me and I’m very thankful to be blessed. I got bored in the house and my phone was useless because I didn’t have signal as well. Internet was f*cked up and every circumstance I came across with just forced me out of my den. I decided to go to Glorietta and I badly prayed that it’s open or at least operational. Today is the first day of showing of She’s Dating The Gangster and I don’t think it’s a good idea to miss it. Ayaw kong mahuli sa balita! And more than that, I really planned to watch it today 2 weeks prior when they announced that July 16 is the day! So there… F*CK GLENDA! I’m watching and I’m going all out fan mode for my favorite loveteam, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla!


I’m surprised with the long line I have to endure just to get my ticket! The place was jam-packed and everyone was so eager to get the best seats! THEY’RE WATCHING THE KATHNIEL movie as well! SOBRANG PUNO! As if wala lang bagyo!


It was a rough ride at the beginning of the film because it wasn’t clear yet how it’s gonna pick-up, but as you go along several scenes, you’d be able to figure out already where it’s going. It’s a light movie I can say just enough to make everyone “kilig” and laugh. The scene going on inside the cinema added to the excitement and good feel of it coz all the girls were basically yelling if not moaning everytime Daniel and Kathryn would enter into a state of pakilig moments! It would even make you wonder sometimes if you’re really hearing girls because there are also a lot of gigil sounds obviously coming out from a guy’s vocal cord! It was crazy! It was definitely fun!




The movie presented several twists and conflicts in the story. It was intricately married to one another that it produced an effect that will take you on a roller coaster ride. Believe me, I even wished for a gangster to come in my life or at least a similar story to happen. It played around with my imagination and my wishful thinking was over-utilized for a moment there. MASARAP MAGING JOLOGS sometimes I told my friends and it’s true! People would comment a lot about people admiring the MASA targeted films, but they’ll really never get to experience it and understand why it clicks. She’s Dating The Gangster is an amazing piece of material and I can personally vouch for this because I have seen it and I have digested it not as a KATHNIEL fan, but a lover of literature. Kathryn and Daniel’s performance is equally commendable. I can’t think of anyone else playing the role of Kenji and Athena!




I AM HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THIS! I’m sure as hell you’ll love it and I’m sure as hell you’ll feel what I’m talking about here! I’m gonna watch it again and I wouldn’t hesitate sparing a few more hundreds (or maybe thousands) for this movie! Please let me know if you’re dropping by any Makati cinemas soon to catch the film, I’ll be more than glad to accompany you! Let’s go TILI our hearts out together!



Don’t be shy, if you feel like crying just cry! Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gutierrez will give you one hell of a crayola (cry) eksena!




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