The ELYmentaryKid




Ely Concord III  is a graduate of BS Computer Science & Information Technology specializing in Systems and Software Engineering from an exclusive school for rich kids in Makati in 2010. He came from a very conservative family in the province of Negros Occidental where they own hectares of land and a couple of sugarcane plantations. At a very early age, Ely is already a billionaire. He began writing short stories and have these criticized and admired at the same time by his grandfather who is a well-known broadcast journalist and self-proclaimed hero in their city. His grandfather also served as his greatest influence in his passion for the art.


At 13, Ely took the challenge of living away from his family to study in Manila and hide from them the truth about his true identity. It was during his highschool days in the busy city (*which has over a million pesos monthly budget for waste disposal and garbage collection) that he further realized his passion for writing and the benefits of same sex relationships. He was a part of their school publication as Associate Editor and Feature Editor for 2 consecutive years until he graduated in 2006. He was as well the President of their Math (*the subject he failed 3 times in college) Club in school. During these times, he was able to join various writing competition and won most of them inside and out of his Alma Matter either by technical knockout or because his opponents came in 5 minutes late in the competition room. Though his grandfather may be his greatest influence when it comes to writing; his perspectives and thoughts about life are already entirely of his own as he grew up to be independent throughout the years living away from home as a rebellious nomad and an aspiring SUPER STAR wearing  his many faces – shifting as needed:




Today, Ely continues to write stories as a hobby and as a way to get away with the harsh realities of life. He hopes this will soon earn him more money so that he can quit his ***king job and stay home all day to sleep, eat, and tweet. He recently explored the world of theater as well and continuously strives to be a better version of himself as the days pass. Witness him in his evolution wanna-be:






As of this moment, he feels that his family already know about his true identity, but is not yet confirming it with them for safety reasons.