Smart, PNP Maritime Group join forces for coastal cleanup

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[September 2016] In support of Ocean Conservancy International’s (OCI) coastal cleanup project, mobile leader Smart Communications (Smart) partnered with the Philippine National Police (PNP) Maritime Group for the annual S-KUBA International Coastal Cleanup at Bambu Villa Resort, Anilao, Batangas.

#DALOY3456 platform for environmental protection and conservation introduced

In a two-session dive at the Caban Cove and Dive 7000 sites, certified diver-volunteers composed of Smart employees and partners devoted an entire day for coast and shore cleanup activities.

“Smart recognizes the role of communities in environmental protection and conservation. This is the second year that Smart has gathered a group of professional divers to participate in a coastal cleanup effort. Helping protect aquatic life and its sanctuary is our way of giving back to the community that benefits from our diverse marine ecosystem,” said Darwin Flores, Department Head for Community Partnerships of Smart Public Affairs.

“As a diver, I believe we don’t need to wait for September to come every year to do a cleanup dive. Every dive should be a cleanup dive,” said Ruth Reyes from Smart Public Affairs, who is also an active volunteer of this project.

Aside from its regular support for coastal clean-up activities, Smart, together with the PNP Maritime Group, launched the Dedicated Alert Lines for Ocean biodiversity, #DALOY3456, the official SMS Hotline that enables subscribers to report maritime violations happening in their area. These violations include dynamite and cyanide fishing, the use of fine mesh net, commercial fishing vessel intrusions and wildlife trafficking. Concerned citizens can report these violations by simply texting DALOY <space> Your Report and sending it to 3456.

“All these initiatives are part of our Smart Communities program, which promote the use of technology for development. These efforts not only aim to increase environmental awareness,  but also urge communities to take action and do their part as stewards of the environment,” said Ramon Isberto, Head of Smart Public Affairs.

“Smart and PNP-MG have the same advocacy when it comes to environmental conservation and preservation, thus this PPP is really appropriate and timely. With the help of the divers and other volunteers, we are able to protect the livelihood source of our fishermen,” expressed PCINSP Arnaldo Canlas, Chief, PCRS of PNP-MG.

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