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  • heart~beat

    Jan 15, 14 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments

      For you would always be a heartbeat away from me, I can’t imagine such misery; and everytime the sun shines it’s hurting me for I know that there would never come a morning that you would also fall in love with me…   “I am the broken writer…”   Happiness may not always be what you [&hellip...

  • What I Pay for Freedom

    Mar 20, 13 • THIS!No Comments
    What I Pay for Freedom

    Yesterday was a really good day for me, in fact, it was the best so far ever since I started working with my new family, but the goodness I felt didn’t last for long. I woke up today with a bothering pain on the lower left side of my abdomen and the moment I felt [&hellip...

  • Independencia!

    Oct 12, 12 • THIS!No Comments

      *?: Ang galing independent ka na!   Me: ? Ha?   *?: Wala lang, nakakatuwa, you’re so young and yet you’re so free na!!!   Me: ‘Di kita gets.   *?: Ano ka ba, what I mean to say is, ang galing mo, you’re so brave!   Me: Ahh, wala ka nga talagang alam noh?   *?: ??? <staring at me [&hellip...