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  • Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

    Kubot, The Aswang Chronicles 2

    I remember years back when I was still a gullible little kid believing every myth that my parents would tell me; I would always go inside our house at around 5:30PM in the afternoon or so. I might extend being outside for 15 minutes more or less, but I always made sure that I’m already [&hellip...

  • The Bekikang in Each and Everyone of Us

    Oct 24, 13 • Everyday, On The SetNo Comments
    The Bekikang in Each and Everyone of Us

          “It is more than just all the gayness in the world; Bekikang is all about humanity and its vulnerable heart.” I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the movie except of course that my mentor and acting coach, Joey Paras is the title role of the film together with 2 of my [&hellip...

  • Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki

    Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki

        In our today’s world where laughter is much anticipated and the element of surprise becomes very predictable; Viva Films and the box office director, Wenn V. Deramas brings us a story that will surely bring us up and bring us down emotionally at the same time. In the past years, we have enjoyed [&hellip...

  • Astig Ka Ka-Republika!

    Astig Ka Ka-Republika!

    YO! Alam mo bang ASTIG ka?! OO, IKAW! Wag shunga! Haha! Anyways, lahat naman tayo ASTIG eh sa sarili nating mga paraan. Mapansin man ito o hindi ng marami o ng mga taong inaasahan nating makakita nito; sana’y hindi pa rin tayo magbago sa paggawa ng kaastigan sa Republikang ito! 🙂 NO!, before you even [&hellip...