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  • Just Like Magic

    Jan 26, 15 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    Just Like Magic

      I opened my office laptop, powered up my email client, and started my day with a smile on my face. My passion at work burns so bright that even stress has no way of blocking my way. I locked my computer and stepped out of the office to grab a cup of coffee from [&hellip...

  • My Christmas Carol

    Dec 27, 13 • Everyday, THIS!No Comments
    My Christmas Carol

    Disclaimer: This post is not about money, but all about the music I heard from within and how I shined the brightest this season. 😛     If you’re a Facebook friend of mine, which means we personally know each other and I wanna be acquainted with you in one way or another, then you [&hellip...

  • What I Pay for Freedom

    Mar 20, 13 • THIS!No Comments
    What I Pay for Freedom

    Yesterday was a really good day for me, in fact, it was the best so far ever since I started working with my new family, but the goodness I felt didn’t last for long. I woke up today with a bothering pain on the lower left side of my abdomen and the moment I felt [&hellip...

  • 30000ft

    Nov 3, 12 • Everyday1 Comment

    This is just a test post actually, blogging using my mobile connected to my self-hosted blog, but then I realized… … … I wanna share with you why this all of a sudden. 🙁 As you can see, i’m missing a good friend’s party when i already said yes a thousand times to him. I [&hellip...