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  • Love in 140 Characters

    Jun 16, 14 • Everyday, Randomness1 Comment
    Love in 140 Characters

        “abangan kita next year! :))”   that’s my very first tweet to him.   It all began when I felt like I was lonely enough to need someone in my life who will give me my much needed attention. It all began with a simple message which I courageously composed and sent in [&hellip...

  • Blast From the Past

    Feb 17, 14 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    Blast From the Past

    I’ve been coming to realize lately how fun the years back then was for me and my la patrie guitars at guitar center; it was a joy ride of emotions bringing me to places I dared not go before, but eventually, as all of us would, I grew up and proved to myself that some things [&hellip...

  • Too Good To Be True

    Oct 2, 13 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    Too Good To Be True

        I’m really quite not sure if the too-good-to-be-true phrase is a positive or negative remark, all I know is that it doesn’t work for me the way it works for most people. I guess giving too much of something is the problem in this equation; and it will always be the case in [&hellip...

  • The Colors of Black and White

    Jul 30, 13 • Everyday, Randomness, THIS!No Comments
    The Colors of Black and White

    Do you remember this?     This is where everything started, meeting people whom I do not even know; strangers strangled upon my life. The world was black and white back then, before it even had color and before it even turned out to be the way it was again. We’ve had our own million [&hellip...