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  • Moving Out Is Only Fun When You Think About It

    Jul 1, 15 • Everyday, POV, THIS!No Comments
    Moving Out Is Only Fun When You Think About It

      I know what you’re thinking and I fairly understand your dilemma of your nosy parents being up your arse in all things you do. At most times you’ll feel like you’re deprived of the freedom you deserve; like, c’mon mom, it’s not like I’m spending your money in all my shits. Time and again, the [&hellip...

  • Just Like Magic

    Jan 26, 15 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    Just Like Magic

      I opened my office laptop, powered up my email client, and started my day with a smile on my face. My passion at work burns so bright that even stress has no way of blocking my way. I locked my computer and stepped out of the office to grab a cup of coffee from [&hellip...

  • Ch. 1 – 9th Floor

    Feb 14, 14 • BookNo Comments
    Ch. 1 – 9th Floor

      As promised, I am sharing to you the first few paragraphs of the book I’m writing. I’m so excited for this because I have been all over this for almost a year already, well, blame the topsy turvy flick of my emotions and mood. This one is really quite personal, it’s a mixture of [&hellip...

  • …yourself

    Oct 21, 13 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments

        The journey of life never stops at one corner of the world, it’s a process in which you involve everyone around you, it is where you start making knowledge speak and wisdom listen. It’s not much of a thing to consider actually, whether you make it or break at some point; however, the [&hellip...

  • The Colors of Black and White

    Jul 30, 13 • Everyday, Randomness, THIS!No Comments
    The Colors of Black and White

    Do you remember this?     This is where everything started, meeting people whom I do not even know; strangers strangled upon my life. The world was black and white back then, before it even had color and before it even turned out to be the way it was again. We’ve had our own million [&hellip...

  • What I Pay for Freedom

    Mar 20, 13 • THIS!No Comments
    What I Pay for Freedom

    Yesterday was a really good day for me, in fact, it was the best so far ever since I started working with my new family, but the goodness I felt didn’t last for long. I woke up today with a bothering pain on the lower left side of my abdomen and the moment I felt [&hellip...