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  • Hotline 911

    Aug 3, 16 • THIS!No Comments
    Hotline 911

    Hotline 911 was officially launched on August 1, 2016. On its first day of operation, it received a total of 2,475 phone calls based on the initial data provided by the Philippine National Police. Unfortunately only 3% (75) of which were legitimate calls. Prank callers swamped the hotline; there were 304 recorded prank calls on [&hellip...

  • What Gets You Hired? – An Insensitive Approach to Good Hygiene

    Jun 4, 14 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    What Gets You Hired? – An Insensitive Approach to Good Hygiene

      I seriously think this ad went over a little too much in promoting good hygiene amongst men; in fact, I think its very satirical approach and straight through degrading demeanor will cause someone his job in the next few days.   Watch it here:   So, what gets you hired? In this ad, we will [&hellip...

  • Isang P1lipinas

    Feb 4, 14 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments
    Isang P1lipinas

    #IsangP1lipinas     We are the texting capital of the world, yet we stand apart. This breaks my heart.   We are already in the internet era, but unfortunately for most Filipinos, majority still cannot afford a good data plan or even a simple entry handset that would connect them to the world wide web. What we [&hellip...

  • Pun Ye Tax!

    Dec 25, 13 • Everyday, POV, THIS!No Comments
    Pun Ye Tax!

    Whether you like it or not, you have to pay your taxes! As if you have a choice! Today, like most days in my life when I receive my income (regular and/or additional); I always feel a little of that uncomfortable “kurot” inside of me when I look at the breakdown of my gross to [&hellip...


    Sep 5, 13 • THIS!No Comments

        As absurd as this may sound, but I literally shed tears while reading this. It’s just so heartbreaking to know that majority of us, indeed, does not love our country. We grow up wishing and hoping everyday that time will come when we’ll see snow outside our windows. Because that’s the only way [&hellip...

  • On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

    Aug 8, 13 • People, POV, THIS!3 Comments
    On Jeane Napoles and the Informal Settlers

      There have been so much news that tested my patience lately and challenged my optimism towards our government; like there will be no hope left tomorrow for our successors. As much as I would want to remain calm and stop myself from stabbing some people upon seeing them, I’d also like to exercise my [&hellip...

  • Dar Por Perdido Mañana

    Oct 10, 12 • POVNo Comments
    Dar Por Perdido Mañana

        October 09, 2012 – 08:00PM   My friends and I decided to watch Give Up tomorrow over Taken 2. I don’t know why, but there is just this something inside me I do notunderstand that seemed to tell me to watch it. I was actually hesitant at first if it ever would be [&hellip...